Our Origins

DFY Links was envisioned back in 2018 as a link building service that would bring a good name back to the SEO industry.

The company’s founder, Charles Floate, mapped out a service that would dig deep into customers websites and marketing campaigns; creating link acquisition campaigns that are niche specific and rooted in competitor analysis. To help materialise his vision, Charles hired the best man for the job: Jack Vivian, who trained a small group of SEOs to do professional competitor analysis ready to build niche specific links.

The two man team, which later turned into a team of 9, started to provide a service that goes further than any other link building company: using years of networking to offer links on websites nobody else had access to. The database of 200,000 domains that DFY Links acquires links from is world class, and provides customers with a range of link types that few others are using.

Our Aims Today

At DFY Links we know that there are thousands of businesses out there that hide in their shell when they hear the words ‘SEO’ or ‘link-building’ because they have been ‘burned’ by sleazy, outlaw SEOs who are frankly full of shit.

This history of ‘cowboy SEOs’ is damaging for us because we want link building to be a market that prospers for years to come.

As a result, we’ve aimed to provide the industry with a team that are young and insightful, passionate and energetic; a team who are dedicated to promoting trust in link building.

Every action we take to improve your outreach is propelled by not just years of experience and expertise, but a kind of energy which is newfound in this industry. As a result, all of our services, whether that be guest posting or our niche edits really are unique and powerful.


"Charles Floate"

CEO & Founder

An SEO since 2009, Charles Floate has made a name for himself in the grey hat blogging scene. His infamous case studies, ranking for hyper competitive names quickly built his reputation. Charles benefited from the notoriety that he gathered after being targeted directly by Google. As a result, his personal blog, TheGodofSEO, which soon evolved into CharlesFloate.co.uk, surpassed 60,000 pageviews a month.

Before long, Charles had built a strong network of authoritative bloggers, coders and webmasters. By 2018, he decided to build a private-membership link building services, which capitalised on the outreach systems Charles had built since his humble beginnings in the SEO industry. He first drafted the idea of DFY Links as a service, after selling a link building campaign to an internal agency client for just north of $5,000 USD.

DFY Links began to build relevant links en masse for exclusive customers, who would soon expand into a global customer base — stretching into every niche imaginable. Due to the prior years of networking and outreach, the DFY Links inventory consists of well over 20,000 websites that are Moz DA and Ahrefs DR 20 or more.

As DFY grew, Charles hand trained every member of staff in the company, protecting the quality of the service which people fell in love with in the early days.

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"Jack Vivian"

Head Of Link Building

Jack got into digital marketing when he was running a small local business, using PPC to generate new leads. He has also done freelance SEO, striking gold when he ranked for keywords related to payday loans in just a matter of months. However, he soon found that he could do a lot better teaming up with other SEOs. His contributions to the growth of SEO A.I DFY Links have been invaluable, helping to turn it from a private members club to a link-building service that places a minimum of 1,000 links per month.

He was inspired by a long list of names but first among them is James Dooley who taught him a lot of what he knows about SEO, outreach and business.

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"Brett downes"

Senior Link Builder

Born and bred in Wales, ‘Bretto’ is a former lifeguard turned professional link builder. Brett has the most life experience in the office, having travelled around the world for 7 years. It was on his travels that he fell in love with digital marketing, cultivating his herculean link building skills alongside playing football and speaking spanish.

He is not just a link builder though, Bretto is also a Richard Branson mini-me, winning manager of the year out of 42 health clubs.

He says that one of his proudest moments is harvesting a backlink from an online Harvard University course. Juicy!

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Ronan has made a recent but impactful entry into the SEO industry. Taking the role of Jack Vivian’s apprentice, Ronan has quickly learned the ropes of high quality link building. Although he is still at Southampton University, his outreach has reached some high successes, cultivating some unique links using the HARO service.

Ronan or Ronny as people call him without consent says that his proudest moment is living on his own at 17.

If you see Ronan on a night out, don’t dance with him because his moves will blast you out of the water.

He says that Jack Vivian is his biggest inspiration because he has past down to Ronan invaluable knowledge about link building. He says that he is grateful for being in this industry and outside of boring retail jobs and bar work.

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"yudhish puran"


Yuddy, as his colleagues call him, has been working with Adobe tools from an early age, discovering the software from SpeedArt competitions on YouTube in the site’s early days. While at college, studying graphic design, he started to do freelance work on the side. At University, he branded ‘Charles Floate’ and worked with Over The Top SEO to help with brand creation for their Ungagged Event. Due to his work, he was awarded the role of Head of Design for this agency. 

Over his career he has worked on huge brands such as Ted-X Teen, WhiteSands Treatment, Keyhealthplan Insurance and Victoria Secret. 

Yuddy says that his biggest inroad into the industry were his freelance clients he worked with including “Charles Floate” and his own SpeedArt channel where he competed to create top quality designs quick-time.

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"tomi odunlami"

Junior graphic designer

Another of our talented creative team, Tomi started out doing motion graphics for a marketing company and his local ‘soccer’ team (he’s american). He fell in love with graphic design as part of the YouTube gaming community where he met our graphic designer Yudhish Puran.

The two bounced creative ideas off each other. Whereas Yuddy got into adobe photoshop, Tomi got into animation.

Tombi, as his friends call him, often takes inspiration from the designer Beeple, stating that “The way he designs… there are no limitations.”

He says that his proudest moment was graduating university, something uncommon in the tech industry which seems to be full of proud college drop-out, as well as working with the strong team at DFY.

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"Christopher Jan Benitez"

dfy blog author

Christopher is a highly experienced content writer. He writes for some of your favourite SEO blogs including Niche Pursuits, Niche Hacks, Monitor Backlinks, SplashPress Media and other publication sites related to affiliate marketing. His years of experience fuel his powerful well-informed blogs, giving his readers invaluable SEO knowledge to take home. 

He says that his biggest achievements are having a big-hearted wife and being the father of two firecrackers, as well as becoming a freelance writer, free from the corporate cycle.

Chris got into SEO content when he started writing for an outsourcing, VA supplier. He says that when he came across the topic of link building he fell in-love (for a second time), and has been writing on it ever since.

The driving force behind this talent is Sam Nam, Chris’ former employer (now CEO of 50x digital), who taught him the work ethic and diligence required to succeed at writing.

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"Luke whelan"

content writer

Luke, who is a graduate from Nottingham University, has a strong background in content creation and social media coordination; having worked with a variety of brands, including the national student newspaper The Tab and Locate Your Look,  where he would write optimized pieces designed to achieve high traffic ranges. 

His interest in content and entry into the SEO industry stems from his background in journalism, which required him to write engaging, SEO optimized pieces.

His biggest influence in the marketing industry is Ryan Holiday, whose inside access into the media industry brings with it a wealth of vital knowledge about how to run social media campaigns and create wide-reaching content. 

Luke prides himself over his strong understanding of the blogging industry and his ability to turn mundane information into captivating stories. He is particularly proud of his commitment to the Tab, where the views of his blog content reached over 50,000 people.

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"mat gallimore"

Chief Technical officer

Mat took to tech early on. A true believer in self-teaching, he started his first business at 14 and worked for a local slot gaming company when he was just 16 as a junior JavaScript engineer; all whilst still in sixth form helping to develop their slot machine games. By the age of 18 he could code in over 15 different programming languages and other related markup languages and had done contracting jobs for multiple large game servers. He is experienced accross all aspects of development and project management at 21. He prides himself on his understanding of computing from the lowest to the highest level and his passion to learn new technologies to the furthest degree. 

Mat with one T, as his uni friends called him, got into software development when he was just 11, learning Java to create Minecraft plugins for his server which in turn he would use create unique features to drive more revenue. He says that his biggest influence was his friend and business partner Grant, whose competitiveness drove him to learn code so rapidly in his formative years.

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