"Backlink Packages"

DFY’s backlink packages are a combination of different links, set up in a way that will not only save you money but also get you great results. We will often use these same packages on our agency’s client sites.

"Monthly Subscriptions | SEO Packages"

Give your site a regular dose of our high quality links with our monthly packages, which have been scientifically tested for pushing the needle in all sorts of niches. 

"One Time Fee | SEO Packages"

One-time fee packages are great for sites that need to rank in a matter of weeks. They come from an inventory of over 200,000 sites, allowing you to attack some of the largest or most diverse niches.

"Parasite SEO Packages"

Parasite is great for ranking content. After placing your content on high authority sites like LinkedIn or Reddit, you can take advantage of their authority by ranking it easily with our Parasite packages. 

"Bad Niche Neighbourhood"

4 “Bad Niches”. Loads of amazing packages. If you’re looking to build links to a CBD/THC niche site,  We have an inventory of over 5,000 unique “bad niche” sites for you to build links on.

Our link buikding packages make buying backlinks easy and affordable, we even offer monthly rolling subscriptions so you can nearly set and forget with your own personal or client sites. All our backlink packages are put together in a way that we would link build for one of our own client’s sites, for example the foundation package is what we will often use when building out our own affiliate site as it gives you a nice base to continue link building from. With all of our SEO Backlink Packages we are happy to advise on anchor text selection, even if your order does not reach the usually required $1,500. If you are using a subscription package we will put a longer term plan in place although it is very flexible as we like to see how your site reacts to the first set of links.

If you or your clients prefer to be more whitehat we are able to offer packages which utilise “cleaner” backlink sources such as guest posts. Although, we have never had any issues with niche edits personally we understand that some people have preferences. If you have any other special preferences, please let us know before ordering so we can confirm whether we are able to fulfil this request.

Most of our backlinks are broken down by Ahref’s domain rating metric, if you are unsure how many backlinks you should build feel free to contact us and one of our advisors will help estimate based on the competition. Although, until we begin link building is it very hard to guess as there are so many other factors with SEO.

Looking for a link building package?

Our team have put specialized link building packages together for you on our site at discounted rates on the usual retail pricing. However, if you’re looking for a more custom solution and have a minimum budget of $1,500 then we can help put some together for you, just use the contact form above.

These backlink packages will give you a safe, affordable and most importantly highly effective ranking solution for every possible SEO scenario you may encounter. Our team are always on hand to give you expert advice whenever you need it and our site is filled with link building resources.

What do you need to know about our links?

All of our niche placements and guest posts are from real sites, not a link network. All of our guest posts have a minimum of an estimated 1,000 traffic. All of our links are guaranteed for 6 months minimum, if a link drops off (even if it’s because a site has shut down) we will happily replace the link for you.

Our average turn around time from the date of anchor confirmation is 4 weeks, we do try to be quicker where possible but due to the nature of backlink building there can sometimes be delays but we try to make you aware of this before where possible.

If you are unhappy with any placements our team is happy to take a look and try to resolve the issue for you, this isn’t something that happens often and is resolved very quickly.

Do you have samples?

I understand that people want samples before ordering and where possible we will try to accommodate but to try ensure the privacy of our clients we try not to share any link placements and would instead advise you to do a trial order. Again, if you aren’t happy with the link we will do everything we can to resolve the issue.

Who are DFY links and why should you trust us?

DFY links was up until recently a private members link service which has now been made public. We had been running for over a year only working with large agencies and affiliate SEOs but we saw there was a gap in the market for reliable, consistent link providers.

All of the links that are used by you are sites that we would and often have, used on our own sites. We feel like if we wouldn’t trust it on our sites, why would we expect you to?

Our most popular backlinks are our niche edits followed by guest posts, we are slowly rolling out all the links we can offer to make sure that we can keep up with demand (we have plenty of inventory but we want to try make sure we stay on top of customer service as well).