We are now able to offer niche edits for “bad niches,” a lot of you have been asking for these so we have been able to partner with over 5,000 niche specific websites. We can get backlinks for any niche, including adult, porn, gambling.

"Adult / Escort / Porn"

"Contextual Links"

If you need links for adult, escort or porn sites check out the packages below. This was the hardest niche for us to find consistent links for.

Gambling / Casino / Betting

"Contextual Links"

Gambling and casino links can be hard to come by and even when you find them they can be pretty pricey due to everyone knowing the profits these niches bring.


"Contextual Links"

THC / CBD links are an emerging link market, with so many people now entering the niche it can be hard to find sites which haven’t already had 100 outreach emails for the same niche this week!

Weight Loss / Diet / Pharma

"Contextual Links"

Pharmaceutical links can be hard to come by because people can be scared of the legal implications when they talk about them but we have got a good size inventory for your link building needs

Adult / Escort / Porn

These are niches that people have been struggling to get their own backlinks for from regular outreach. The placements are contextual edits, edited into already existing content by a team of English writers.

We are splitting our backlinks into two tiers for these bad niche edits, silver and gold. Silver backlinks have over 100 referring domains while gold has over 500 referring domains (in majestic). In the future we might be able to do custom metric orders but for now majestic referring domains is the only metric that is guaranteed.

There are over 5,000 sites which we can get placements on so running out of placements shouldn’t be an issue.

The links will take the same amount of time as our other niche edits edits to be placed (around 4 weeks).

"Why should you use our backlinks?"

We take the stress out of link building, if you’re already active in these niches I’m sure that you already know how frustrating it can be trying to secure powerful backlinks. Sites typically don’t want to link to sites of this nature.

Our turn around time is reasonable and if you are wanting to continue on an on-going basis we can set it up as a subscription so the links automatically keep coming rather than having to re-order every time.

If you are spending over $1,500 we will happily help you pick target URLs and anchors, this is based on our years of experience working on client and our own sites, this is to make sure you get the most out of your links.

If you have any questions regarding these links please get in contact with us we will be forming an FAQ about these links but to put it bluntly, if you have a website we can get links for it. There aren’t any niches that we don’t accept, whether it is pharma, escorts, porn we can get you backlinks.