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5x Silver Pack

Our silver niche edits have 100+ referring domains and by buying 5 at once you save $50!

5x Gold Pack

Our gold niche edits have 500+ referring domains and by buying 5 at once you save $50!


1x Silver Link

Our silver niche edits have 100+ referring domains.

1x Gold Pack

Our gold niche edits have 500+ referring domains.

Adult backlinks are notoriously hard to get via outreach, not many websites want to link to these kinds of sites even when offering payment. Backlinks are still king when it comes to ranking sites therefore you have an issue if you can’t get enough.

We have an inventory of thousands of sites which are happy to accept our adult backlinks and this is always growing. This is enough to rank any adult related keyword, even in the most competitive markets.

We offer two link types silver and gold, our silver links have over 100 referring domains while the gold have over 500. If your budget can stretch far enough we always recommend the gold links for more competitive niches. 


What do we consider adult niches?

Basically if it is to do with sex it probably is considered adult, so these niches include:

·       Porn

·       Adult Toys

·       Dating / escort sites

We haven’t had any sites that we haven’t been able to get placements for yet in this niche, so you don’t have to worry about asking us if we can first.

Why should you use our backlinks?

Our adult niche edits have your backlink added into already aged, already indexed content by our team of British writers. Sometimes these links will already have tier 2 links pointing at them. These are also real sites rather than a PBN so typically there won’t be many adult links already placed on these sites so they are a very clean neighbourhood compared to an adult PBN.

How long do the placements take?

The placements on average take 4 weeks from the anchor text confirmation. If you require your links to be placed quicker we can offer an expedited service for an extra 50% of the link price, if you require this please contact us.

Do you guarantee any metrics apart from referring domains?

Currently we don’t but this is something we are looking to change very soon. The majority of our customers seem to prefer the domain rating metric from ahrefs so we will likely move to this in the future.

Do you have sample placements?

Unfortunately, due to NDAs with current clients we are unable to provide samples for these backlinks. If you are interested in trying them, I would recommend you do a small order. If you have a legitimate issue with the placement your receive, we will try our best to resolve it.

Are you able to provide bulk discount?

The only discount we can currently offer is the when you purchase our 5 packs you save $50, this is due to the nature of the links and the time it takes to get each placement.


Research & Chosen Anchors

If you are spending over $1,500 our staff will research what anchors we would use if it was our own site and then suggest them to you. Of course this is optional 


Link Building

We build the links to your site, using the desired anchor text and target URL. This process generally takes around 4 weeks.


Quick Results

Sit back and wait for the results. We are seeing an increased time before ranking improvements now in certain niches but generally they kick in, in less than 6 weeks.