"Parasite SEO"

Use our packages to help rank your parasites, first decide the level of competition and then begin your autopilot ranking. We have tested these packages extensively with different parasite sites with great results.

Local Parasite / Local SEO ORM

5x Aged Auction PBN Links

3x DR10+ Niche Edits

Medium Competition Parasite Ranker

15x Aged Auction PBN Links

10x DR10+ Niche Edits

High Competition Parasite Ranker

20x DR10+ Niche Edits

25x Aged Auction PBN Links

HQ Spam Blast Parasite Ranker

SEO Autopilot Contextual Spam Blast

5x Aged Auction PBN Links

Parasite SEO "Packages"

Parasite SEO is using the overall domain power of a site like medium or amazon to help rank your content. The beauty of sites like this is that they have such a large backlink profile that even hitting them with spammy backlinks won’t lead to them being penalised because there are so many natural, strong backlinks. The stronger the domain the more spam an individual page can take without having issues.

Parasite SEO never truly disappeared but it was more difficult but recent updates have led to more parasites sites than there were in beginning of 2018. Take advantage of this now and find some high CPA offers to rank and bank. We always recommend testing sites that you think may work yourself rather than relying on information from others, this is how we found our favourite parasites to use. Different niches have different parasites which work better, as you can use spammier backlinks than you would to a money site setting up this testing isn’t too expensive and can really pay off.

If you have questions about parasite SEO Charles and James will be releasing a course soon which covers everything from website choice through to what types of backlinks to use and what kind of sites are suited to parasite SEO, it isn’t perfect for every type of site but with some creative thinking you can usually find a way to use it to your advantage, no matter the niche.