"SEO Packages"

DFY Offers A Selection of Backlink Packages At A Purely One Time Fee Rate. With Over 200,000 Sites In Inventory, We Can Supply Most English Niches With These Packages Except  “Bad Niches”  – We Do Have Packages In Our “Bad Niches” Page Though. Choose Your Own Anchor Text Across A Variety Of Manually Selected, Real Websites.

"One-Off Payment Link Packages"

SEO Backlink Packages

One-Time Fee

Looking For Links That Move The Needle? Our One Time Fee Backlink Packages Will Get You Ranking In A Matter of Weeks! With Perfectly Selected Backlink Cominations That Compliment Each Other For Huge Ranking Signals, Our Link Packs Are Affordable Powerhouses!

Foundation Package

Citation Package (30 Links)

Social Profile Setup (5 Links)

5x DR20 - 35 Niche Edits

5x DR35 -50 Niche Edits

White Knight Package

5x DR45+ Guest Posts

20x Tier 2 PBNs

Black Knight Package

1,000x Social Signals

5x DR20-35 Niche Edits

5x DR35-50 Niche Edits

White Knight: The Raid Package

5x DR35-50 Niche Edits

3x DR60+ Guest Posts

5x DR45+ Guest Posts

20x Tier 2 PBNs

Black Knight: The Assault Package

5,000x Social Signals

10x DR20-35 Niche Edits

5x DR35-50 Niche Edits

3x DR50-75 Niche Edits

King & His Castle Package

5x DR60+ Guest Post

Min. 5,000 Organic Monthly Visitors

1,000 Words of HQ Content

5x DR50-75 Hand Selected

The King & His Empire

10x DR50-75 Niche Edits

5x DR60+ Guest Posts

8x DR45+ Guest Posts

"The White Knight"

White knight packages are used by those who want to be a bit more cautious or those who are under stricter guidelines from their clients. This is the more ‘whitehat’ link building method (even though we all know any link building is again Google’s terms of service). All of the white knight packages utilise guest posts with T2 backlinks. The reason we always recommend T2 PBNs is because while the guest posts are high domain authority the actual URL authority is low. These T2 PBN links increase the URL authority while keeping your backlink profile clean.

"The Black Knight "

The black knight packages are for those who aren’t under strict watch of clients and want the best results and ROI. These packs use niche edits which a lot of people would argue are just as safe as guest posts but cheaper. The reason they are cheaper is because we don’t have the content costs and once we have established a relationship with an editor of a site we can place a large variety of links on their site.

We have also given a monthly recurring option for those of you who want a hands off approach to your sites SEO. This means that you can sit back and let our staff take control of your campaign. All of the monthly packages we are willing to advise on target URL and anchor text selection apart from the slow burner monthly package. This is typically a service which is reserved to orders over $1,500.

If you have any questions at all please do get in touch with us and one of our representatives will do our best to help answer any queries you may have.