The Best SEO Groups On Facebook & The People Behind Them

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SEO communities have always existed across the internet.

You can always find websites, forums, and resource pages that are dedicated to the industry and the people behind it. 

It was only a matter of time before we saw these communities find their way to social media platforms like Facebook.

In this post, we’ll share with you the best SEO groups on Facebook and give you some insight into the people running them. 

You will also see how these groups can help you learn more about SEO and provide a platform for engaging with like-minded people, building a network, and collaborate on projects.

Table of Contents

Criteria for Choosing the Best SEO Groups

As you can probably imagine, there are a lot of Facebook groups that are dedicated to SEO.

Choosing which ones to include in this list was quite the challenge.

In order to narrow down our list, we had to set criteria. Some metrics like a group’s number of followers, while helpful, doesn’t necessarily translate to quality. They don’t tell the entire story.

So instead, we went undercover and took a look at how each group fared based on the following:


Every group on this list has something useful to offer its members.

Not only do the posts have to be useful, but we’re also looking at the community itself. We want members who are actively participating in discussions and handing out sage advice for others.

We want discussions that push the conversation towards a direction that helps everyone grow.

Posts should be relevant and thought-provoking.

No Spam

Nobody likes advertisements.

It’s even worse when they’re being served by members of a group who are only in it for themselves. They’re only there to promote their blogs, products, and services.

The Facebook groups in this list have a strict no-spam policy that gets you kicked out when violated. This is made clear the minute you request to join.

The best SEO group don’t have promotional posts up and are mostly taken down as fast as they’re published.

best seo groups on fb - criteria for choosing - spammy group

Primarily About SEO

There are groups that go well beyond SEO and dip their toes on online marketing.

While there’s merit in broadening your horizons and learning about other aspects of digital marketing, we’re sticking to groups that primarily discuss search engine optimization.

We can’t promise that each group in this list tackles SEO exclusively but we can say that they do talk about it constantly.

With that said, let’s begin.

The Proper SEO Group

best seo groups on fb - the proper seo group - cover

Was there any question which Facebook group would go first?

For starters, the Proper SEO Group focuses on grey hat SEO tactics and promotes healthy discourse among its members.

Its list of admins includes Charles Floate (who, for those not in the know, is the founder and CEO of this site) and Matt Digitty (Diggity Marketing), two respected members of the SEO community.

Both of them specialize in private blog networks.

Why Should You Join The Proper SEO Group

Case Studies

Case studies are very important in this community. 

That’s why the group goes the extra mile by publishing or reposting studies that its members can analyze and discuss.

best seo groups on fb - the proper seo group - study

Members are also quick to report SEO developments, trends, and concerns. 

So if you’re the type who likes to keep an eye out on anything that may affect your SEO performance, this community would have your back.

best seo groups on fb - the proper seo group - kw declined

Also, did I mention that the blog posts I write get shared in this group?

best seo groups on fb - proper seo group blog posts

Focused on Answering Questions

All SEO Facebook groups allow their members to post questions for the community to answer.


The Proper SEO Group seems to be zeroing in on Q&As. A quick scan of the Discussion page will reveal that almost all the posts are inquisitive by nature.

best seo groups on fb - the proper seo group - question

Needless to say, if you’re looking for a support group that you can bounce ideas off to, this may be it.

best seo groups on fb - the proper seo group - question 2

Some questions are broad in scope but if you dig enough, you will discover questions that are really specific. The more specific the question is, the more interesting the responses become.

Grey Hat Content

Most groups would shy away from grey or black hat talk because most of their tactics are frowned upon. 

But not this group. 

They embrace grey hat tactics.

best seo groups on fb - the proper seo group - pbn ranking

So not only do members unabashedly ask grey hat questions but they also proudly share their success stories.

best seo groups on fb - the proper seo group - pbns worth paying

There are a ton of PBN-related posts (their specialty) so this is a great group to join if that’s your niche.

best seo groups on fb - the proper seo group - amazon affiliate

About Charles Floate

Charles Floate (Charles Benjamin) is the admin behind The Proper SEO Group. He is also the founder of DFY Links, a link building service.

He has steadily been building a name for himself in the grey hat SEO scene since 2009.

About Matt Diggity

Joining Charles is another SEO by the name of Matt Diggity. He makes a living by making the most of passive income opportunities. You can also add client ranking and lead generation in his list of expertise.

Matt is the founder of Diggity Marketing.

SEO Signals Lab

best seo groups on fb - seo signals lab - cover

SEO Signals Lab is the premier destination for everything SEO-related on Facebook.

The group is often referenced in prominent SEO apps (Surfer SEO, Raven Tools) thanks to their data-driven approach to SEO.

The group has several notable moderators including Steven Kang, the group’s founder.

best seo groups on fb - criteria for choosing - moderators

Why You Should Join SEO Signals Lab

Below are some of the reasons why SEO Signals Lab is worth joining.

The Group’s “Pick His Brain” Sessions

Pick His Brain is SEO Signals Lab’s version of AMA (Ask Me Anything of Reddit fame)

Whenever Pick His Brain rolls around, the community will be introduced to an SEO specialist who they can ask questions to.

There are rules, of course, which moderators enforce to keep the conversation clean and fun for everyone.

Here is one of their more recent Q&As.

best seo groups on fb - seo signals lab - pick his brain

Active Discussion About Latest SEO Trends

Steven Kang makes sure that there is always something new to talk about.

He would cite his observations and would even show his client’s analytics (without disclosing sensitive information) and ask the community their thoughts on the matter.

best seo groups on fb - criteria for choosing - steven kang post

Through these posts, members are able to get an understanding of how seasoned SEO veterans tackle complex marketing dilemmas. The comments section gives you a perspective on how other people might engage in the same situation.

best seo groups on fb - criteria for choosing - steve kang automate

And it’s not just the moderators posting. Members also stimulate the conversation by posting their own thoughts or questions regarding SEO and innovations in the field.

best seo groups on fb - criteria for choosing - member questions

Group members will be more than happy to share their thoughts on posts.

Fun Memes

But it’s not all business on SEO Signals Lab.

There’s plenty of humor to go around by way of memes.

best seo groups on fb - criteria for choosing - memes

Most of these jokes, however, would go over your head if you’ve got the faintest clue about industry terms and concepts. But reading the comments will help you learn about them.

About Steven Kang

Steven started web programming and internet marketing in the 90s while running two of his businesses. Since then, he has helped thousands of business owners along with Fortune 500 companies.

The supply chain SaaS startup that he co-founded was sold for millions.

He now shares his knowledge of online marketing through SEO Signals Lab.

best seo groups on fb - superstar seo - cover

Superstar SEO is a Facebook group that was created by the same people behind Legiit, a marketing service provider like Fiverr.

But let’s get one thing straight:

This group is not just here to sell you Legiit. 

The main objective of the group is to serve as a hub for SEO professionals everywhere.

Why You Should Join Superstar SEO

Here are the things that make Superstar SEO a compelling group to join.

Mentorship Is Enabled

Not everyone is aware that Facebook groups have a feature called Mentorship.

If activated, anyone in the group can present themselves as a mentor or a mentee.

If you’re looking for guidance, the feature makes it that much easier to reach out to experts who are willing to show you the way.

For experts, the feature lets you give back to the community or establish new connections.

best seo groups on fb - superstar seo - mentorship

To use the feature, users would have to create a short profile.

You can then contact mentors or mentees through Messenger. Weekly progress is also monitored using the Messenger app.

Newbie-Centric Discussions

We’ve noticed that the more recent posts in the group are from less experienced SEOs.

best seo groups on fb - superstar seo - beginner 1

And because the questions posted would mainly appeal to beginners in the industry, Superstar SEO is a great starting point for anyone who wants to learn the basics.

The veterans in the group do a great job of answering the questions, by the way.

best seo groups on fb - superstar seo - beginner 2

That’s not to say that all the discussions are simple though.

But it’s great to find an SEO group that’s friendly to newcomers.

Additional Content

On top of helpful posts, you will also find additional resources on the page. This includes links to live streaming events and meetups.

best seo groups on fb - superstar seo - livestreaming event

These give their users additional value on top of the other free sources that are shared on the page.

About Chris Walker

Chris Walker is one of the admins of Superstar SEO and the CEO of Legiit. 

He is an entrepreneur that focuses on online properties including Superstar Academy, an online marketing school that helps entrepreneurs hone their business skills and bring them to the internet.

He is based in Myrtle Beach, SC.

best seo groups on fb - white hat seo - cover

While White Hat SEO is no longer as active as it once was, there’s still a ton of value being offered to its members.  

There are members of the community who are still answering SEO-related inquiries. And most of the answers we’ve seen are pretty extensive.

Why You Should Join White Hat SEO

Diverse Members

Looking at its members, you’ll notice that they hail from all corners of the world. So no matter where you’re located, there’s someone you’ll be able to relate to.

Their mentorship program has mentors from Vietnam, India, Canada, and the USA. 

best seo groups on fb - white hat seo - mentors

The same can be said for the mentees.

best seo groups on fb - white hat seo - mentees

It’s a good way of meeting an SEO enthusiast who is close to you geographically. This may even lead to a meetup where you can share your thoughts in person.

Video Resources

In the Videos section of the group, you’re going to discover a wealth of resources that can up your SEO game.

best seo groups on fb - white hat seo - videos

The most notable ones are webcasts from Chase Reiner, an SEO expert that believes in white hat SEO tactics (more about Mr. Reiner later). 

The videos are over 20-30 minutes long and are definitely worth listening to.

Members Posting Regularly

While Nikolay Stoyanov—the group’s admin—is not posting announcements regularly, the group’s members are still posting questions every so often.

And the questions they pose are not only thought-provoking, but they are issues that most SEOs can relate to.

best seo groups on fb - white hat seo - user questions

Reading user responses can give you an idea of how to get out of a sticky situation should you ever find yourself in the shoes of the one who posted the question.

best seo groups on fb - white hat seo - gmb fashion

Since joining a group is free, there’s no harm in checking out some of the community’s posts.

About Nikolay Stoyanov

The group is headed by Nikolay Stoyanov. He is a Bulgarian SEO expert and the founder of, an SEO blog.

He has contributed to SEMrush and Search Engine Journal in the past.

His favorite topics include content creation and keyword research.

Digital Marketing Questions

best seo groups on fb - digital marketing questions - cover

Digital Marketing Questions welcomes anyone who would like to learn more about SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and analytics.

Why Should You Join Digital Marketing Questions

Building an Agency

Ryan Stewart, the group’s admin, has recently quit as CMO of his own company and is ready to start once again from the ground up.

best seo groups on fb - digital marketing questions - building an agency

He will be documenting his progress, sharing his insights, and posting updates on Instagram and this Facebook group.

As Ryan explains it:

I’m going to show you how quickly I can take an agency from 0- 7 figures. Yes, I’m actually going to show you and document everything. You can see exactly what’s going on, what we’re doing, and follow along. I’m making this claim because I know I can do it, and I know you can do it as well with the right training, and framework. If you’re a marketer this will be the series you don’t want to miss.

So if you’re interested and don’t have or like Instagram, joining this group is the only way you’re getting news concerning the said project.

Discussion About Tools

A lot of posts are centered around SEO tools and how they are used.

So if you’re looking for recommendations or feedback on a product, the community will be more than happy to give you their two cents.

best seo groups on fb - digital marketing questions - woocommerce

This way, you’re getting unbiased reviews from real users as opposed to articles you find online which may be sponsored in some way.

best seo groups on fb - digital marketing questions - mangools

Even group admins are pitching in and offering advice which is great.

best seo groups on fb - digital marketing questions - graphic design tools


While there are no scheduled events for the remainder of 2019 (as of now), Digital Marketing Questions has done a great job of posting events their members may want to partake in.

best seo groups on fb - digital marketing questions - events

So if you’re into attending live seminars or like joining Facebook Live sessions, you might find events that might tickle your fancy.

About Ryan Stewart

Ryan Stewart is the founder of The Blueprint Training. He has developed a framework that helps him grow businesses for a living.

He appears to be the real deal. His recent work, an 8-month partnership with Ardent Cannabis, led to a 290% increase in organic traffic and a whopping 974% return on ad spend.

The details of which can be seen here

Local Client Takeover

best seo groups on fb - local client takeover - cover

Local Client Takeover is the Facebook group of the eponymous online resource company.

It is using the group as a means of communication with marketers who express interest in learning more about search engine optimization and other related disciplines.

Why You Should Join Local Client Takeover

Google My Business Discussions

Recently, there’s been a lot of discussions concerning Google My Business (GMB). 

best seo groups on fb - local client takeover - gmb talk

This topic is important especially for SEOs who want to rank in localized search queries.

best seo groups on fb - local client takeover - gmb talk 2

The commenters seem to welcome questions about GMB and are actively participating in the comments section.

best seo groups on fb - local client takeover - gmb talk 3

GMB Master Thread

Still on the topic of GMB, the group has a master thread where any member can post GMB-related questions at any time.

best seo groups on fb - local client takeover - gmb master

The comments section is filled with all sorts of advice that are actionable and based on real-world scenarios.

best seo groups on fb - local client takeover - gmb comments

This makes Local Client Takeover the right group for those who are in need of advice on how to grow local clients.


The group’s administrators are a team of GMB and local SEO expertsbest seo groups on fb - local client takeover - lct admin

You have Chaz Edward (more on him later) who knows Google My Business inside and out.

Then there are people like Allen Levings, the founder of 5 Web Design. Nate Fischer, the managing partner for TrafficRunners, is also part of the group. 

The administrators post all the latest news, tutorials, and event information from time to time.

best seo groups on fb - local client takeover - events

About Chaz Edward

Chaz is one of the highest-rated local SEO experts out there.

He has a decade-long experience working with local businesses and agencies. He uses Google My Business, Google Maps, and search engine optimization knowledge to make brands visible in search engines.

He is currently working on a project called Local Viking, a GMB management software. The tool helps users manage all their Google properties from a centralized location.

SEO Tips, Tricks & Tools

best seo groups on fb - seo tips tricks and tools - cover

SEO Tips, Tricks & Tools delivers exactly as advertised. 

The group entertains a variety of questions that all relate to SEO. At the helm is Christine Maisel, the founder of Portable Entrepreneur. 

Why Should You Join SEO Tips, Tricks & Tools

Active Admin

In most cases, you join groups because you want to hear from the administrators and/or moderators.

You believe they’re credible and want to hear their hot take on subjects that are of importance to you.


There are groups where the admins feel absent. The community then has to rely on themselves for answers. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but it does leave you wanting more.

With SEO Tips, Tricks & Tools, Christine makes it a point to post updates on a regular basis.

best seo groups on fb - seo tips tricks and tools - christine maisel

She’s there to share facts, figures, and resources consistently.

best seo groups on fb - seo tips tricks and tools - christine free tool

Eloquent Conversations

Let’s be honest:

Some Facebook users can be a bit much when posting questions. Almost to the point of being rude.

While their questions are perfectly valid, there’s very little effort put on structuring their queries in a way that makes it easy for everyone to understand. 

They fail to elaborate on their situation. As a result, not everyone can get the full picture.

best seo groups on fb - seo tips tricks and tools - luck commendations

best seo groups on fb - seo tips tricks and tools -fast way

This makes it more difficult to engage even though you want to help them badly.

best seo groups on fb - seo tips tricks and tools - give solution

This translates to a poor browsing experience.

But not in this group.

best seo groups on fb - seo tips tricks and tools - mike kennedy question

SEO Tips, Tricks & Tools members give you as much detail as possible so you can prepare a convincing answer.

best seo groups on fb - seo tips tricks and tools - schema

And the benefits of having well-explained posts are not exclusive to those who’d like to post an answer. Anyone who’s trying to learn will have better takeaways by being able to understand situations much better.


Members of this group are sometimes given an opportunity to avail of services from Portable Entrepreneur.

One of the more recent promotions they’ve got going on is a membership to SEO Questions. 

It’s a group where private members are able to ask SEO experts their questions and do monthly video group calling.

best seo groups on fb - seo tips tricks and tools - seo questions

About Christine Maisel

Christine works at Portable Entrepreneur as a web design and SEO business coach. She helps startups by creating educational courses, coaching, and other related services.

She can also be heard on the Portable Entrepreneur Podcast answering questions that are submitted to their website.

Agency Jungle — Building Your Digital Agency

best seo groups on fb - agency jungle - cover

Agency Jungle is fairly new as it was only created in March 2017.

The groups About page tells its members that “this is a group for anyone that is tired of stupid magic software or blueprints [on] how to build your online marketing services”.

The group was formerly known as SEO Jungle.

Why You Should Join Agency Jungle

Facebook Units

Facebook has a group feature called Units.

It can be used to help admins create a platform that delivers an online learning experience to the group as a whole.

Agency Jungle has that feature enabled.

best seo groups on fb - agency jungle - units

There’s only one unit uploaded so far and it’s all about the importance of Selling SEO to agency owners.

It’s possible that more content will follow.

Great Engagement

It’s fun being asked about your thoughts on certain issues. And the admins are seemingly aware of that.

Gabriel Machuret asks his members questions for their opinions on all sorts of topics which leads to great user engagement.

best seo groups on fb - agency jungle - tobacco

He doesn’t come off as a know-it-all since even he asks questions and asks for recommendations from the community.

best seo groups on fb - agency jungle - internal linking

And because members are keen to answer, you learn along with him in the process.

best seo groups on fb - agency jungle - audio

Focus on WordPress

WordPress plays an important role in SEO. 

So it’s a surprise that the topic does not come up as often as it should.

There are a number of posts on Agency Jungle that take on WordPress.

best seo groups on fb - agency jungle - wordpress

If you’re in the hunt for a good WordPress theme, the group has lots of suggestions and ideas to give you.

best seo groups on fb - agency jungle - wp themes

About Gabriel Machuret

Gabriel is an SEO consultant who has helped over 300 clients improve their business. He’s experienced in social media strategies and link building. He also does consultations with big businesses.

Notable clients of his include Red Bull, EA Games, Xerox, and Blokepedia.

He is also an entrepreneur in Australie where he currently lives. Gabriel can do App Store Optimization if asked.

I Love SEO With Kate Toon

best seo groups on fb - i love seo - cover

Anyone familiar with The Recipe for SEO Success knows who Kate Toon is. And I Love SEO With Kate Toon is Kate’s way of bringing her passion onto Facebook.

Why You Should Join I Love SEO With Kate Toon

Kate Toon Herself

This group was built specifically for her students. Kate does online SEO courses. 

And when students graduate, they stay in touch with Kate through the group.

best seo groups on fb - i love seo - seo talk

If you’re a fan of hers, this is where you can find updates and get a general sense of what she’s up to these days.

She can also be pretty funny.

best seo groups on fb - i love seo - gmb

You can also tell that she cares deeply for the people who enroll in her online courses.

best seo groups on fb - i love seo - cry

Toon Events

There’s always an event around the corner. Kate loves being in front of people and answering SEO questions.

best seo groups on fb - i love seo - toon events

Whether it’s Q&As, live sessions, conferences, or dinner meetups, there are plenty of ways to get in touch with Kate should you need SEO advice.

Toon Videos

Kate uploads a lot of videos on her Facebook group.

These are great resources for anyone who’s just starting out in the field.

best seo groups on fb - i love seo - toon videos

Topics vary but they are always related to search engine optimization.

She also does a series called Ten Minute Toon Review where Kate reviews a user-submitted site.

best seo groups on fb - i love seo - ten minute review

Kate’s reviews help members identify what to look for in a site during an initial assessment.


All members of the group have access to everything that the group has to offer.

Just remember to head on over to the pinned post where you’ll find links to tutorials and courses courtesy of Kate Toon.

best seo groups on fb - i love seo - freebies

About Kate Toon

Kate Toon is a lot of things. She’s a copywriter, speaker, author, and SEO specialist.

She’s previously worked with brands like Kmart, eHarmony, and Curash. However, she’s also into helping small businesses flourish.

She is the founder of both The Recipe for SEO Success and The Clever Copywriting School.

Kate also hosts the Hot Copy Podcast and have done webinars in partnership with SEMrush.

Dumb SEO Questions

best seo groups on fb - dumb seo questions - cover

The premise can’t be any more obvious. 

The Dumb SEO Questions group only entertains two things: questions and answers.

Polls, promotions, and spams are not entertained.

Topics can range anywhere between Google Analytics to mobile search.

best seo groups on fb - dumb seo questions - guidelines

Why You Should Join Dumb SEO Questions

YouTube Videos

Questions that are sent through posts and comments are answered in YouTube videos that are then shared with the group as soon as they’re published.

An announcement post is published to let everyone know that a new video is out.

best seo groups on fb - dumb seo questions - youtube video

Episodes are usually 20-30 minutes long.

No question is off-limits. As the name of the group implies, this is a space for inquisitive minds.

Even beginners can throw in a question and feel safe that they’re not going to be laughed out of the conversation.

Relatable Topics

The discussions in this group usually center around simple SEO topics like link building or keyword research.

best seo groups on fb - dumb seo questions - outbound links

That’s not to say that all posts are of the basic variety. 

All questions are welcome, after all. But there are a lot of questions from SEOs who are just starting out.

best seo groups on fb - dumb seo questions - search console

Admins and Moderators Answer Questions

Admins and/or moderators take the time to reply to questions. 

That’s not something every group can claim. 

And while they do miss a couple of queries every now and then, they typically reply to posts.

best seo groups on fb - dumb seo questions - national

If there’s a question that you need to be answered ASAP, there’s a chance that an admin is listening in.

best seo groups on fb - dumb seo questions - reddit

About Jim Munro

Jim Munro is the managing director of ShopSafe Pty Ltd, an Australian company that promotes safe shopping by compiling a directory of the most secure online shopping websites.


The Super Cool Dan Ray White Hat SEO and Link Building Group

best seo groups on fb - the super cool

What a mouthful.

The Super Cool Dan Ray Group is all about white hat link building tactics. So if you want to learn SEO tactics that won’t get you penalized, join this group.

Why You Should Join The Super Cool Dan Ray White Hat SEO and Link Building Group

Focus on link building

White hat SEO is the foundation of online marketing.

And getting backlinks is arguably the most important ranking factor of SEO.

This is what Dan’s free training program is about. 

The program teaches people how to grow an SEO agency and get guest blogging opportunities for days, to name a few.

However, at the very heart of Dan’s program is his exact process of getting high-quality backlinks to your websites.

And through the group, Dan connects members of his free program to optimize their websites the right way.

Recently, he just launched a link building promo to members of the group:

best seo groups on fb - the super cool - heavyweight champion

If you’re heavily invested into link building regardless of costs, then this reason alone for you to join the group.

Heavily Moderated

You won’t find noise in this group. Only useful posts and comments.

Unlike other groups where there are self-serving plugs for an array of products and services, The Super Cool removes unwanted posts so its members can talk in peace.

Practical Advice

The lessons you’ll learn in this group are not theoretical. They are actionable and practical.

There’s no point in reading up on a strategy you won’t be able to execute.

About Dan Ray

Dan runs a six-figure digital marketing agency. He has a knack for publishing informative posts that users can replicate.

He doesn’t do cutesy, click-bait articles on his blog. His content clearly indicates the steps you’ll need to take to make it big just like he did.

Rule Your Rankings! SEO Unstuck

best seo groups on fb - rule your rankings - cover

Rule Your Rankings focuses on on-site SEO and technical SEO. 

Those of you who are into silo building, internal linking, and keyword cannibalization will find a home here.

The group believes that performing on-site SEO is better than waiting around for your backlinks to start kicking in. They believe in getting the job done. 

To quote the About page:

We’d love this community to be full of curious SEOs. This is a group that is run by SEOs in the trenches all day long! We don’t have time to make everything pretty. We just deliver value.

Why You Should Join Rule Your Rankings! SEO Unstack

Laid-Back Attitude

Members of the community are pretty chill for the most part. They tell jokes, share stories, and post memes.

best seo groups on fb - rule your rankings - grandma

This attitude extends to the comments section. So you’ll need to take some of the replies with a grain of salt.

best seo groups on fb - rule your rankings - excel calculator

If you’re not into oversharing, this group may not be the one for you.

However, this kind of interaction with the moderators fosters a welcoming environment. 

People who are looking to build relationships and are interested in learning more about members of the community will definitely like this group.

Helping With Google Tools

Google Analytics can be frustrating to use, especially for newbies. 

But the folks at Rule Your Rankings are always ready and willing to help.

best seo groups on fb - rule your rankings - ga pages drew clicks

There are also questions that cover Google Search Console if you’re also having trouble with that.

best seo groups on fb - rule your rankings - search console

And if you have a question that hasn’t been asked before, create a new post and wait for the community to respond.

The Group Covers Keyword Cannibalization

Yet another topic that rarely finds its way into SEO discussions.

Group members can ask questions about keyword cannibalization because the admins are knowledgeable in this area.

best seo groups on fb - rule your rankings - kw cannibalization

Members will be more than willing to refer you to all the tools you’ll need to get the job done the right way.

best seo groups on fb - rule your rankings - ahrefs

About Moon Hussain

Moon is the owner of and one of the admins of its Facebook page.

She is a self-proclaimed SEO beast who has worked for several organizations including Over the Moon Marketing.

Right now, she’s working exclusively with vets and dentists and helping them reach Google’s coveted page one according to her LinkedIn page.

best seo groups on fb - rule your rankings - linkedin

About Marie Ysais

Marie is one of the other group admins and is an SEO strategist at Rule Your Rankings. She is also the president of Ysais Digital Marketing LLC and Idea Apps, Inc.

On-Page Academy

best seo groups on fb - on page academy - cover

On-Page Academy is all about technical SEO and on-page optimization.

The admin, Daniel Cuttridge, interacts with his members by posing questions and posting resources that are helpful to everyone in the group.

Why You Should Join On-Page Academy

Here are a couple of reasons.

Blog Posts About SEO

Daniel curates some of the most thought-provoking blog posts out on the internet and serves them hot to his community.

best seo groups on fb - on page academy - compress

Members can then use the comments section to talk about what they’ve just read. They can offer suggestions or give a totally different take on the topic.

best seo groups on fb - on page academy - compress comments

This back-and-forth communication is the kind of interaction most SEOs are looking for in an SEO group.

best seo groups on fb - on page academy - how to use search console

Dropping Knowledge Bombs

Daniel posts SEO terms and tactics that not everyone may be aware of and then proceeds to explain them in great detail.

best seo groups on fb - on page academy - search pattern

And every so often, he gives his members a chance to breathe and uses his posts to get to know his audience better.

best seo groups on fb - on page academy - your story

Week In Review

Week In Review is a recently launched segment where Daniel rounds up the biggest SEO news of the week.

best seo groups on fb - on page academy - week in review

There’s only one installment as of this writing but it does appear that it will become a regular thing.

Aside from industry news, it also summarizes the latest activities in the group such as the addition of new moderators.

This makes members feel less like spectators in a group and more like they’re part of a growing family.

About Daniel Cuttridge

Daniel is the founder of Pathtorch, an SEO company that helps its clients with technical audits. Its clients include the likes of WPX, Human Proof Designs, and Authority Hacker.

When he’s not posting on his Facebook group, he is busy posting SEO-related blogs on Medium.


Special Mention: Ahrefs Insider

best seo groups on fb - ahrefs insider - cover

Did you know Ahrefs has its own group on Facebook?

Well, they do.

However, the only reason why it’s only being mentioned now is that there’s a special requirement for users to be able to join.

You need to have a registered email account on Ahrefs.

best seo groups on fb - ahrefs insider - requirement

The group has grown a lot since its inception. It was supposed to be a support group for users who are having trouble with Ahrefs and its features.

Today, however, the group has grown into a community with members that are dedicated to honing their skills in SEO.

The group is heavily moderated. Don’t expect to find spammy posts on the site. You won’t see any unrelated questions either.

Since the group is populated by Ahrefs subscribers, you’ll easily find tips and tricks on how you can leverage the product to increase productivity.

If you’re already invested in the Ahrefs ecosystem, you should consider joining the group.

Why You Should Join On-Page Academy

If you have an Ahrefs account (even an inactive account), below are things you will enjoy from the group. 

Updates on the Ahrefs platform

As a tool, Ahrefs undergoes regular updates to provide its users with arguably the most useful SEO tool around.

For example, they’re one of the first tools to help users find UGC link attributes from its list of indexed backlinks:

best seo groups on fb - ahres insider - ugc

This came days after Google introduced rel=”ugc” and rel=”sponsored” as the two new link attributes to help search spiders identify the type of links in a site.

Take note that this is just one of the many updates Ahrefs held since then.

So joining this group will keep you abreast of the latest improvements the tool is constantly undergoing.

Get quick answers to your Ahrefs-related questions

As a member of the group, you’re probably using Ahrefs as part of your job.

And you may encounter problems or issues when using the tool to perform specific tasks for your clients.

If you can’t find your way around Ahrefs, all you need to do is ask the group!

best seo groups on fb - ahres insider - question

Normally, you’ll receive a reply from one of its admins in a few hours depending on the difficulty of the question.

Even if you have an SEO question in general, you can still ask it in the group and have other members reply to you.


Ahrefs brings its members together every month for a round of #SEOSpeedDating.

best seo groups on fb - ahres insider - seospeeddating

Members can share their services on the thread in the hopes that someone in the group is interested.

At the same time, they can also partner up with people offering the services they need.

About Tim Soulo

Tim is currently the Chief Marketing Officer and Product Advisor at Ahrefs. Prior to this, he writers for BloggerJet and founded highly popular WordPress plugins like TweetDis and Content Upgrades Pro. With over 10 years of online marketing experience, he is more than qualified to moderate Ahrefs Insider.


So we’ve come to the end of this comprehensive list of the best SEO groups.

But before we end this post, let’s take some time to determine which SEO group is best suited to your needs.

Think about what you’re trying to get by joining and refer to these recommendations below.

Best Group for Beginners

You can’t go wrong with Superstar SEO or I Love SEO With Kate Toon.

In the case of Superstar SEO, their mentorship program will grant its members the opportunity to learn from experts that are more than willing to help. And because most of the discussions are intended for everyone new to SEO, even beginners will be able to follow most of the posts.

Kate Toon’s group, on the other hand, is a lovely community of SEO students. So by joining the group, you’re set on a journey alongside fellow newbies. Veterans in the group are happy to lend a helping hand if you ask for help.

Best Group for Professionals

Where do you go if you are already proficient in SEO but wouldn’t mind expanding your knowledge further?

We recommend joining SEO Signals Lab.

This group is one of the most populated groups on this list (at 47,000+). The “Pick His Brain” section alone can help you get to the next level. Members of SEO Signals Lab love their data. So most of the posts are backed by information that you can dissect and formulate your own conclusions from. 

The information that members share makes for a great conversation.

The Best Group for Local SEO

This would have to go to Local Client Takeover.

There, members talk about tools that are designed to boost local businesses like Google My Business.

There’s even a master thread were all questions about local SEO are posted for everyone to see and review.

Best Group for Link Building

The Proper SEO Group wins this category.

The admins of the group are known in the world of link building. It only follows that the group members are also proficient in this space.

Here they also present case studies on link building.

And because they pay attention to grey hat marketing too, you’re getting a broader view of the whole picture.

Best Group for SEO Audit

If you’re focusing on SEO audits, try joining Rule Your Rankings. They are all about on-site and technical SEO. You’re bound to learn things about SEO audits there.

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