The Best Link Building Tools For 2019

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Link building is an essential part of any SEO campaign and it’s vital that you are managing your links in the right way. As much as Google has evolved over the years, links still play a vital role in determining a websites authority and it is important that you are managing your links in the right way. There are a number of link management tools that are designed to help assist you in your campaigns and manage your links efficiently. In regards to links, there are now so many ways in which they are generated and if you are managing a network of websites, it is crucial that they are collated in a way that makes your campaign easy to understand.

Regarding what you should be managing within your link building campaign, you need to be using link research, prospecting, and outreach and reporting tools. All of these work simultaneously to help you understand your backlinks and generate reports that allow for you to monitor the progress of your links. As a business owner with the best interests of your website at heart, you need to be utilizing the tools that are available for you. Whether they are paid or free services, we hope that this article will help you understand back links and what you need to be doing in order to manage them effectively.

Here at DFY Links, our sole purpose is providing backlinks and backlink strategies for online businesses and we have vast experience using all of the tools we will discuss. Our link specialists use these tools on a daily basis and if you are not making it a part of your daily process, then you certainly should. If you have noticed a large drop in your website rankings and cannot explain, many of these link building tools will help to identify these issues and enables you to spot the issues regarding your links early.

Why Link Building is Essential to my Businesses Success?

Link building is an essential part of any SEO campaign and if you want to rank effectively, you need to be utilising the various link building methods. Link building is the process of building hyperlinks to your websites that are going to in turn pass authority and link juice. It is important that you are carrying out link building in an efficient and strategic manner in order to get the most of their ranking power.

Here at DFY Links, we offer a number of link building services and it is vital that you are utilising link building management tools to ensure that the links we set up are not only quality but are actually there in the first place. Google has significantly developed over the years and their algorithm is more sophisticated now than it was ever. Links make up the network of the internet and in Google’s eyes; they still play a very significant role in ranking a website. It has also never been more important to ensure that the links you build are of significant quality.

Link building tools are there to ensure you have full control on your back links. The various elements that make up the quality score of a back link, including Domain Authority, URL Authority and traffic are easily managed within the Link building management tools that we are going to discuss in more detail.

If you are not utilising link building as a part of your SEO strategy, you certainly should be and there are a number of link building services online like ourselves who can help build the links that are going to pave the way to your success and help you build your brand as a whole.

How to Effectively Execute a Link Building Campaign?

When it comes to link building, you need to ensure that you follow the necessary steps to execute a successful link building campaign. Links play the most significant role in ranking a website and as much as you need to consider the other seo variables, links are always going to be the dominant factor when it comes to pushing your brand. Content is also becoming increasingly significant and it is vital that your content is good before anything else. Google is scrutinising content more than ever and if your content is poor, then your links are going to be useless.

Back in the day, you could easily build links and feel their benefits almost instantly but the fact that content is now becoming key, you need to make sure your content is quality before anything else. If you think that by getting a link from an authoritive website is going to help you move significantly up the rankings, you’d be wrong. You need to ensure that the customer or user of the site is getting as much value from every link as possible and if you are linking to meaningless, irrelevant articles, this is going to harm your website more than anything further down the line.

Link building tools will provide you with everything that you need to generate reports plan a link strategy and more importantly track your links to see how they are benefitting your cause. Ensuring that you are sourcing your links from reliable vendors, keeping on top of the management of your links and making sure every link is passing as much value as possible will help lead to a successful link campaign.

From niche edits and guest posts to press releases and social shares, there are a number of ways in which links can help give your website the boost it needs to rank. If you are buying and utilising links irresponsibly, this is what will ultimately hurt your website further down the line. This article will hopefully give you a better understanding as to what you need to do in regards to managing and making the most out of your back links.

Why Do I Need Link Building Tools?

Backlinks and content are always going to be the foundation to any successful seo campaign. Link building tools will provide you with everything that you need to effectively manage your link campaigns as well as plan a strategy that is going to enhance your website rather than hinder it. If you are able to effectively plan by generating reports produced by tools like Ahrefs and Screaming Frog, you can strategise pretty well and understand not only what is wrong with your current links but what you need to compete with your main competition in the SERP’s.

We rely on link building tools very heavily here at DFY Links. They allow for us to provide the client with real information that they can take away and understand what work is required to get them to where they need to be. Whether you are running your own website or an agency is managing your website, you should be making the most out of the resources that these platforms provide you with.

As much as there are other ranking factors that you need to consider, if you have a low level or poor quality back links helping your site to rank, this implies to Google that your website is not helpful or share worthy. The metrics that link building tools provide you with will give you what you need to understand the quality of your links.

How Link Building Tools Can Help My Business?

There are many ways in which both links and link building tools are going to help your business thrive. You can really utilise all of the features that a lot of these link tools offer in order to benefit your website and help build your link profile. Carrying out keyword research is a way in which you can understand what people are searching for and gain an understanding of your audiences’ intent when It comes to search phrases. If you are able to understand the key phrases that potential customers are looking for, you can really tailor you entire seo strategy around these keywords as well as your link strategy. This provides you with what you need to consider when creating anchor text for links.

Your anchor text is what will entice potential customers to click on the link and if you are able to utilise strong links with strong anchors on authoritive websites, your website will really feel the full benefit. If you are able to build more of these high quality links to your website, it tells Google clearly what you are providing as a service and will help your website reach the audience that it needs to. As well as focusing on your keyword research, you should also ensure that the content of your website is going to provide users with real value. This is what is going to make your website share worthy and generate the traffic that you want it to. If you can build a link profile that is full of strong, helpful links, this is only going to help your website succeed.

Link building tools will ensure that you have everything you need to strategise your campaign and see how your links are helping your ranking cause. There are a number of free and paid for services that will provide webmasters with accurate information and give them the tools for their website to thrive.

Recommended Link Building Tools

  1. Ahrefs
  2. Screaming Frog
  3. Moz Open Site Explorer
  4. SEMRush
  5. Masjestic

Here at DFY Links, we use a variety of link building tools to help assist us when working with our link building clients and customers. Not only in our link building efforts but to provide us with real targets and actionable information that we can apply to our clients to give them the knowledge they need to understand the work we will be carrying out. Our specialists have vast experience within seo and the link building industry and our use of these tools on a daily basis is how we know which ones provide website owners with real value and insight. It is vital that you are utilizing these tools to your advantage in order to feel their full benefits.

We are very much reliant on these tools in order to understand Google updates and it helps for us to understand the reasons why rankings have dropped. As much as there are a number of factors as to why rankings may drop, our seo tools will often give us an idea as to why the sites have dropped, with the majority of reasons being that links have dropped or lost value. Below outline some of the best link building tools for 2019 and will cover the costs and benefits associated with them.


Ahrefs is the world’s largest back link index and is a dedicated platform for seo and link building specialists to understand the various metrics behind links. This is a tool that we are very much reliant on here at DFY Links and is the beating heart of many SEO agencies. In regards to their data, it is extremely accurate and it offers a number of other features that can assist companies with their seo efforts. As well as the link data that they provide, they offer keyword research, content explorer and competitor analysis features that can really help with websites SEO efforts. We are using this tool on a daily basis because of its useful data generating and reporting systems and are essential to any link building agencies efforts.

The interface is simple to use and makes it a link building tool that anyone can get to grips with pretty easily. You can gain a decent enough understanding of the software to generate the reports that you need to in order to monitor your growth and how your links are performing. They also provide useful content reports and with content becoming an increasingly significant part of link building, it walks hand in hand with your link reports. You can review the context of your links to make sure they have been placed as organically and as relevantly accurate as possible. We highly recommend Ahrefs to anyone looking to manage their link profiles effectively.

It comes at a premium price but the features that you gain access to provide you with premium analysis. It is the largest link database available and will provide you with reporting like no other software. The price varies on how many users will be using the software but the standard access still provides you with all of the same premium features.

Price: $99 – $999 per month

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is another link building tool that we highly recommend here at DFY Links as a way to monitor not only your link building profile but your website and seo campaign as a whole. Again, another way to generate some super accurate reports, Screaming Frog enables you to completely understand your back link profile as well as the various other seo factors that are going to impact your websites ranking. As well as ensuring that all of your links are doing their job, it will let you know if any are broken, do follow or no follow as well as pointing out any redirects that you may have not been aware of. If you have bought or are using links and feel that they are not working,

Screaming Frog will fully break down your website and highlight any links within your site that need addressing. The interface may be slightly more difficult to understand in comparison to Ahrefs but once you understand how to extract all of your pages, then all of the results will generate themselves. As well as checking for broken links, it will tell you things like what need addressing in regards to page titles, content and the various on page elements that could potentially be holding your website back. Ahrefs and Screaming Frog can combine quite well as Ahrefs will help you to understand what is needed to compete with your competition in regards to number of links and on page changes but Screaming Frog will actually provide you with a full breakdown of your site and you can use the results of both to help address issues on your website.

In regards to pricing, there is a free and paid version of screaming frog and the free version will actually highlight any broken links and generate decent reports but for $149 a year, you gain access to all of their features and have no limit when it comes to your crawl limit. If you are crawling small websites, the free version could be of use to you but if you are working with websites with tons of pages and links, you may want to consider the paid version.

Price: Standard Version – Free / Premium Version – $149 per year

Moz Link Explorer

Another Link Building tool that we highly recommend here at DFY Links is the Moz Link Explorer. Another all in one SEO and link building tool that combines an intuitive and easy to use interface with accurate metrics. It combines a number of useful link features that give you what you need to effectively manage your profile. Moz is a renowned name within SEO and they provide a number of seo tools designed to help webmasters and link building agencies understand their links and how they are working in their sites favour. Providing the user with accurate historic link data, it will provide you with an easy to understand graph to help you understand how your link efforts are impacting your rankings.

As well as this, it comes with link tracking lists that allow for the user to actively manage the status of their links and will show you whether your links have indexed successfully or not. There are a number of features and accurate date that makes this another key link building tool that you should certainly be looking at if you want to track your links effectively.  Moz invest significant time and money into their link assistance software and you can be sure that you are getting a reliable tool that will generate the accurate link details you need to manage them efficiently.

This particular software is completely free and for the data it generates, it is pretty good value for money. You’d argue that you do not get access to the other in depth on page reports as you do with Ahrefs but for free; it is worth using to get a decent understanding of your link profile. It allows for you to test the accuracy of the results generated from other platforms and is certainly software that we recommend.

Price: FREE

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is another link building tool that our specialists recommend to businesses. This web based SEO tool provides its users with one of the largest back link indexes available to commercial users. We cannot put an exact figure on who has the largest index out of Majestic and Ahrefs but these two are certainly up there as one of the largest back link indexes. As well as the size of its back link index, Majestic SEO provides users with accurate reporting systems, access to several SEO browser extensions and its very own search engine.

The downside of Majestic is the fact that it does not provide users with the content analysis and monthly search reports like you get on Ahrefs but in terms of its accuracy in regards to links, it is pretty much spot on.  Majestic is the perfect tool for SEO specialists and here at DFY Links, we have used this tool on a number of occasions and can back up its quality. The interface may not be as clean as Ahrefs but in terms of the link data it provides its users, it is pretty good.

The majority of SEO agencies will either use Ahrefs or Majestic because of the accuracy it gives users. We personally tend to use Ahrefs more than Majestic because of the content analysis and monthly search data that it provides but it’s not to say that Majestic is not one we recommend either. In terms of cost, it is significantly cheaper than Ahrefs however and if it solely link data that you are after, Majestic SEO may be the one for you.

Price: $49 – $99 per month

Another tool that is going to be necessary to any link building campaign is This is online software that allows for its users to create a disavow file in seconds. This particular tool is especially useful because it allows for you to add your links and prepare it a file so that it can be then uploaded to Google Search Console.

If you are unaware of disavowing links, you should certainly be aware of what it is and what they can potentially do. If you have bought links that you may feel are breaking Google’s guidelines or you have broken links that are devaluing your site, the disavow tool enables users to quickly generate a link file so they can then in turn upload it to Google Search Console. This is a tool that you should be aware of and you should certainly be making it a part of you link management toolkit if you haven’t already.

This particular disavow tool is free of charge and is essential to ensuring that your link profile is a clean one. You can utilise the other link tools mentioned in order to spot the broken or bad links and in turn use to effectively upload them then to Google so that they do not consider them as important.

Price: FREE


BuzzSumo is another link building tool that we highly recommend for users here at DFY Links. It is an online tool that analyses content and allows a user to find out what content is currently popular based on topic and niche. It effectively scans various social platforms and takes a look at what content is currently being shared and which is most popular.

With content being ever more crucial, it is vital that this is a part of your link building strategy as it can help provide you with a strategy as to what kind of content you should be looking to aim your links towards. It uses a variety of metrics to analyse content currently out there and is able to determine which content is getting the most attention and how it is influencing social media users.

If you are sharing content too, it can provide you with a variety of metrics as to how well it is gaining traction across social media platforms and can provide a scale as to how effective your content is. It is all well and good building links but you need to always remember that content is king and will be the difference in your website generating interested traffic.

It is completely free and allows for you to export reports too so if you are analysing for an seo client, you can provide them with some really interesting and accurate reports.

Price: FREE is another tool that we highly recommend here at DFY Links. Although it is not necessarily a link building tool, it is definitely something that you should be making use of. is a versatile outreach tool that is able to scrape a website for its emails when you visit. The lists are generated by the software scanning the websites and looking for common patterns in emails.

The accuracy may not be spot on but it is certainly a useful tool that your business can use to its advantage. In regards to link building, it can be helpful if you want to get in touch with their agency and you cannot access the personal emails through the website. We highly recommend using this as a way to generate email lists too and it is certainly something that can be of use.

There are both paid and free versions of the software, with the free version restricting you to 100 scrapes a month. The paid version provides you with unlimited email scrapes and will depend on how frequently you require using it to source emails.

Price: FREE / Premium from $34

Other Link Building Tools We Recommend

BuzzStream – This particular link building tool is another one that we highly recommend here at DFY Links. This email outreach software enables you to organise your link building campaigns through a simple to use interface that anyone can use. It allows for you to find websites using their ‘discovery tool’ and you can connect your email so that you can then get in touch with the people that you need to. This is another tool that we use regularly here at DFY Links and is one that we certainly recommend for people looking for a good link building campaign management system.

Price: From $24 per month

Ninja Outreach – Ninja Outreach is another link building outreach tool that we recommend for businesses looking for an effective campaign manager. It is a very much SEO focused platform that provides link builders with metrics based off scraped website data. You can sort your data from domain authority, page authority and back link profile and works as a good way to take a look at how your links compare to other websites. The outreach tool also provides you with some useful email templates that allow for you to message other businesses in case their links have been broken or there is any other issue with their links. In terms of cost, it varies depending on the number of users but it is certainly another link building tool that can help the management of your link profile.

Price: $69 – $599 a month

Best Link Building Tools within SEO

We hope that this post has been able to provide you with a decent insight as to the link building tools that are available out there. It is vital that you are integrating these tools into your campaigns in order to manage and carry them out as effectively as possible. Our team here at DFY Links rely on a lot of these tools to generate reports and monitor the status of our links as closely as possible. When used in the right way, they can really be beneficial to your cause.

The reports that are generated as well as the accurate data that you gain access to ensures that your campaign is carried out to maximum efficiency. We hope that this post has provided you with some decent value that you can apply to your business and we wish you luck in your link building efforts.

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