Charles is the DFY Links Founder & CEO. He has been an SEO since early 2009 and made a name for himself in the grey hat blogging scene, with his infamous case studies of ranking for hyper competitive keywords.

Charles Speaking At CMSEO 2017

Charles specializes in link building and backlinks. He founded DFY Links in early 2018 as a private-membership based link service that used his in-house agency and affiliate business processes to build powerful and most importantly, relevant links en masse to customers all around the globe for every niche imaginable.

He was the original author behind the God of SEO Blog, which attracted notoriety in both the white and black hat communities for a series of posts, guides and case studies that eventually led Charles to be targeted directly by Google.

He used this targeting to do the Streisand effect, he gained more traffic that month than he’d ever gotten before using content marketing. Surpassing 60,000 pageviews in a single month to an SEO blog at the age of 19.

Charles then re-launched under his own name, and still to this day blogs on to great success.. Though his days are mostly focused on his affiliate sites, agency and growing DFY Links to be the single best link building service this world has ever seen.

He has an array of modern day SEO case studies, courses and services that cement the umbrella company DFY Links is apart of as one of the leading forces in the SEO industry, which is now worth nearly $80 billion per year.

Charles first drafted the idea of DFY Links as a service, after selling a link building campaign to an internal agency client for just north of $5,000 USD. The single campaign had such a dramatic effect on the client’s end revenue, that he thought why not offer this to other agencies, freelancers & affiliates whilst skipping all the headaches and additional work that comes into managing clients and an agency.

DFY Links uses Charles’ years of link building experience and his internal agency staff that are based in Birmingham, UK, to offer one of the largest link building inventories with some of the best and well trained SEO support teams in the entire world – Sitting between our array of services, our total domain count is well over 200,000 websites that are Moz DA and Ahrefs DR 1 or more.

Charles at Matt Diggity’s Wedding.

We have spent over 5 years incurring relationships and the ability to build links on those websites through a variety of methods and techniques. Charles has always been at the forefront of what works in SEO, and you can be sure every single link you order with DFY is safe to use and has the ability to propel your website forward in the organic rankings and in gaining organic traffic.

Charles has also hand trained every member of staff you’ll speak to at DFY, so you can insure they all have the highest level of ability when it comes to offering support and information to you about your link building campaigns and our products.

We have a special offering for all of our customers – In which you get totally free competitor, link profile and anchor text analysis for your project if you spend $1,500 or more, pre-discount. Charles envisioned this to allow his highly trained, UK-based link building team to dig deep into customers websites and campaigns to make sure customers had the best ROI links for their budget and had anchors that were laser focused to rank pages within a matter of weeks.

Sometimes, even if you’re an SEO veteran, it’s good to have a second set of eyes on your campaign. In 2019, $1,500 for an entire link building campaign isn’t a huge amount and that isn’t even the final price you’d need to pay with discounts involved. Even if you don’t to spend that much, I taught my SEO prodigy and apprentice, Jack Vivian how to do SERP and backlink analysis, so he wrote this guide for all of you guys to do it so you don’t ever have to build links shooting in the dark again.

If you’d like to see some of the best content Charles has put out, he’s put together this list for you –

Thanks for visiting DFY Links and reading a bit about the service I’ve helped build up with our incredible team and the hard work put in every day to give you guys as much of a heads up in this competitive and tiring playing field as possible.

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