DFY Links makes the first sponsored appearance at CM SEO, headed by speaker and CEO Charles Floate

Following their trip to Digital Marketing Skill Share in Bali, the team head further North to Chiang-Mai to attend the annual SEO conference headed by Matt Diggity of Diggity Marketing

Here, the team will contribute to the annual mastermind where valuable SEO insights are shared with a group of over 750 global SEOs. Afterwards, Charles is set to head centre stage, offering his up-to-date advice for backlink acquisition.

Charles Floate


Since I founded DFY Links in August 2018, a lot has changed in SEO. The entirety of my Link Building strategy has changed. Why? Because Google is always changing. As a link building business, we’ve had to research how to build backlinks that can survive Algo updates. 

All the testing has been completely worth it though. Over the year, by applying our research, we’ve been able to build safe links with a lot of longevity for a variety of clients. In the end, we’ve spent over $1 million on backlinks for our own and client campaigns. In this presentation, I’m going to explain why we spent so much and explain what our research means for overall link building strategy in 2019 and beyond and link building after the recent Bert update.

As part of this, I’ll show you what our research says about site architecture, anchor text selection as well as the type of links you should be buying and building.

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