DFY Local Link Building

Welcome to our limited time offer for DFY local link building

This package is ideal for all local SEO clients who you want to get moving in the right direction quickly. I’m not saying that this package is going to rank you number 1 for injury attorney New York but it will help you get started.

So what’s included in the package?
The package utilises a combination of 10 niche edits and 20 citations, you can see examples for yourself below. Honestly, it’s a steal at this price point, we want to show you what our links can do for you and your clients.

mixed pack niche edits

To the left you can see a mixed pack of 10 niche edits, these will vary in stats but here are 20 example domains from previous orders. The 10 packs generally begin at $800 alone but for this flash sale, 10 will be included.

This is more than enough to get medium sized local businesses moving up the SERPs.

Below you can see an example of the 20 citations that we will also build for your client. These are going to be helpful in getting some link variety but also help your clients rank their GMB profile on local searches, which can lead to fantastic traffic and direct phone calls

If you’re ready to order all you have to do is pay via the button below and we can begin the process. We will contact you via the payment email to proceed with the order.

What are niche edits?

Niche edits are when a backlink is inserted into an already aged article. For the most part, they will either be in a niche specific article or on a niche specific site.

Do we provide the target URLs and anchor texts?

No unfortunately due to the volume of sales and the heavily discounted prices we won’t be able to advise people on the target URLs and anchors. Though if this is something you require we would recommend using our usual DFY service.

How long will this sale last?

We’re not sure at this point, I doubt it will be around for long. It is an introductory¬†offer to prove the power of our links.