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1x DR50 - 75 Niche Edit

3x DR50 - 75 Package

5x DR50 - 75 Package

10x DR50 - 75 Package

"Ahrefs DR 50-75"

These niche edits are very strong links that we use when the niche is more competitive generally, although they can be used in less competitive niches to really give a big push. These are often on large publications.

Domain rating uses a logarithmic scale, so the jump between 20-21 is a lot less than that of 50-51.

To put it in perspective ahrefs currently indexes around 650,000 domains between DR50-75 versus approximately 5,500,000 between DR25-50. It is a lot harder to get backlinks from a DR50-75 site.


Research & Chosen Anchors

If you are spending over $1,500 our staff will research what anchors we would use if it was our own site and then suggest them to you. Of course this is optional.


Link Building Development

We build the links to your site, using the desired anchor text and target URL. This process generally takes around 4 weeks.


Quick Results

Sit back and wait for the results. We are seeing an increased time before ranking improvements now in certain niches but generally they kick in, in less than 6 weeks.



New Huge Inventory

We have a large inventory of over 100,000 sites we can place links on.


Authority Domains

These are real sites with real backlinks. These aren't just strong PBNs.


No Monthly Payment

All our links are one off payments. SEOs already have enough monthly payments as it is without worrying about links.


Custom Keyword Anchor

You can use whatever anchor text you want within whether you want to use branded, money or partial just let us know.