We're an organization of gamers and founded by a former player/eSports team owner

DFY links are investing in the growth of the eSports industry/community, striking deals with renowned tournament hosts to sponsor eSports tournaments and other eSports company. By partnering with these businesses, eSports companies are able to acquire the years-worth of link building and SEO expertise — supplying them with sustainable but speedy profit growth. 

Predicted to make $1.65 billion dollars in 2021, the eSports industry is an exciting opportunity for any business — especially one (ours) run primarily by ex-Gamers and a former eSports team owner. 

eSports tournaments in particular attract greatest gamers on the planet — people whose super-fast instincts and unwavering concentration pull in millions of viewers each year. 

DFY Links hopes that its relationship with growing gaming companies and partnership with key eSports champions will bring an exciting future for SEO in gaming as well as help grow the industry. More importantly, we hope that our partnerships will allow us to host some historical tournaments. 

How does DFY join forces with eSports.

eSports SEO

A vital part of a growing industry like eSports is its marketing. By partnering with aspiring eSports stars and other stakeholders in the industry, DFY Links aims to raise the overall profile of the eSports industry as well as help build eSports businesses that are struggling to grow their margins. 


DFY Links formerly owned part of an eSports company, using their insights to create massive growth and increase the overall value of the company — resulting in a profitable sale of the venture. 


Given the businesses’ prior experience in eSports, the company appeals to aspiring gamers or tournament hosts who want to use DFY Links’ digital marketing insights to rocket their own personal reputations or projects. 


Gaming Industry We're in

Initially, DFY esports will be focusing its efforts on two gaming industries:

League of Legends

Perhaps the most famous and certainly one of the highest grossing games, League Of Legends is a  highly competitive, fast paced, action/strategy game with a dozen bibles worth of Lore. It’s ever changing characters, with their ever-changing powers make for a dynamic game that has been popular  and will remain popular for years and years.


Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of World of Warcraft, StarCraft is a real-time, futuristic strategy game of epic proportions — rivalling and arguably outranking Age of Mythology, Empire Earth and Age of Empires.




StarLeague Season 1 is our first eSports tournament. It is a StarCraft 2 tournament with $1,700 in prize money up for grabs! It is certainly going to be a historical one, with a mix of new gaming professionals, gaming veterans and future gaming legends.