Guest Post Gladiator Competition Winner! [Announcement]

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At the start of June we announced our first, annual Gladiator Guest Post Competition – Where we’re giving away $14,000 in link and cash prizes!

We had a LOT of you enter, and whilst not everyone made the cut.. The posts that did make it through to the blog were really well made.

With all that being said, let’s get down to the top 3 winning entries.

1st Place – Colby Wren

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1st Place Prize: $5,000 Store Credit + $2,500 Cash

Colby’s post took a deep dive into content optimization strategies that have helped his affiliate business skyrocket in the last 12 months, at a very affordable price.

2nd Place – Rohit Palit

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2nd Place Prize: $3,000 Store Credit + $1,000 Cash

Rohit reveals a LOT of actionable specifics you can use when looking at sites to guest post and build links from. A lot of these tips should be common knowlege, but there’s some point even I didn’t think of.

3rd Place – Gareth Hoyle

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3rd Place Prize: $2,000 Store Credit + $500 Cash

Gareth takes us through his exact formula to custom write and optimize content that’ll both be relevant & optimized for Google’s algo’s but also for the end user to actually convert on your site.

Honorable Mentions

The battle for the top 3 spots was seriously tough! Here are the other honorable mentions –

Thank You To Our Judges, Team & Entrants!

We couldn’t of ran this competition and had the success it had without every single one of the additional entries that were submitted.

Our DFY Links team (Shout out to Yudhish, Tomi, Christopher and Mat) for helping managing the entries, organizing releases and designing up each one of the releases.

Last but definetely not least, thank you to our beautiful judges –

James Dooley, Craig Campbell, Gareth Daine & Mark Walker.

Stay tuned for next year’s competition.. We’ll be giving away even more epic SEO prizes!

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