"Google News Links"

Our premier white hat link building service. The DFY Links Google News service gets you an editorial, relevant to your niche, posted on a website in the Google News feed. Your editorial will get placement in Google’s news & search index, which means instant indexing. This instant indexing means the link will be picked up by the algo within hours of posting and increase your site’s rank quicker than any other link building service on the market. The link juice (SEO value) will increase over time as these are legitimate news publications that are posting new content out daily.

"High Authority News Sites"


Largescale News Publications

Best For Powering Up

"Mid Authority News Sites"


Generally Country/Topic Specific Publications

Best For Low/Medium Competition Sites

"Baby Authority News Sites"


Use To Validate & Power-Up High Authority Editorials

Best For Small & Local Clients

"Google News Service"

If you are serious about your business and brand, then you need to check out the DFY Links Google News Service. Let our team mould the perfect news story or editorial to get your website featured on site’s within the Google News feed. Get a quality backlink Google’s not going to penalize, consumer trust, and organic marketing all-in-one.

A unique strategy, this style of marketing was coined by Rodrick Rainey. As the founder of several trendsetting blog sites, ecommerce stores, and a successful ex-Youtuber, he’s used G-news to net millions for a variety of companies. Now, this exact service is a part of the web’s leading SEO services provider, DFY Links.

"Link Durability "

Search trusts all sites on google news blogs and the links shared on them. These links are permanent. The search results are fast. Quality tier 2 linking is acceptable and increases your ‘money site’ rankings.

"No Penalties"

Google has penalized sites’ rankings left and right over the past decade. However, the consistent ‘winners’ during all of the madness are the Google News network websites and blogs. Our sites’ do not get penalized because they are seen as a ‘google product.’

" Organic marketing and credibility"

Once posted, the news story will be featured in the G-search ‘news index’ and possibly the search index itself on front page. DFY uses a special formula that will generate organic traffic and attention to your editorial. The story will also engage the reader with factual, current information. Your brand and website will be integrated into the write up in manor which makes you appear to be a respectable authority for the targeted niche.

People believe in blog news today. DFY makes stories that build a credible image for your brand. Our stories make real people trust your website and/or product.

"Faster Indexing"

Your site will be pinged and credited for the new link within hours of the story being posted. The editorial is indexed almost immediately by google news from any of the sources used by DFY links network. This means your rank and visibility in search grow quicker than normal.

"Power & Value Grows"

The editorial for your website will be placed on a reputable news site with a team of writers. The content of these news sites will grow daily. This means the sites an increase in domain authority and page authority. With this growth, also comes more power and value for your project. As the Domain authority grows, so does the power of the page with the link pointed at your website. You will see growth in SERPS continually.