How To Win New SEO Clients

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Here at DFY Links, we are dedicated to providing our users with the tools that they need to acquire new clients effectively. Our team of SEO consultants have a wealth of experience within the search engine optimization industry and we have been inquiring clients effectively for a number of years. It is important that as an SEO agency, you are making the most out of every channel when it comes to acquiring clients and it has never been easier to reach out to these companies.

As much as you should be utilizing the traditional methods of client acquisition and old fashioned outreach, you need to be thinking outside of the box when it comes to tipping them over the persuasion edge. You need to focus on the overall service of your business and how you can build your reputation in the right way in order to build a trustworthy brand.

There are many avenues that we are going to discuss within this article and talk about new and innovative ways of acquiring clients. Here at DFY Links, we are very much client orientated and every task and process that we carry out is with the best interests of the client at heart.

Why is it important to obtain new SEO Clients?

It is vital that your outreach funnel is constantly working and you are utilizing new and existing methods of client acquisition. Your business is built on the results of your clients’ websites and you need to be always thinking about ways of securing them. As a business owner, you should not become complacent and you should always be working to secure new work.

You never know if your clients are going to leave and choose another service for their SEO needs and as long as you deliver a quality service, you should have nothing to worry about. However, for your business to grow effectively, you should always be on the hunt for new projects. As your work force grows, expenses grow and you need to be sure that you have always got new work around the corner. You do not want your business to be operating on a loss and by ensuring that the client funnel is always active, this will ensure that you have constant reliable work coming in.

You should always keep in mind that you need to be delivering and over delivering to your current clients in order to build a reputation and brand that people trust. Eventually, your hard work will pay off and you’ll eventually have prospects calling you as a pose to chasing them but you should not rely on this and should always be proactive in your client acquisition work.

How to affordably obtain new SEO Clients

It can become expensive when trying to promote your brand and you do not want to be wasting money in this department. You want to be pumping money into your business resources as pose to the promotion of your brand. As much as brand marketing is an investment, it is not going to help you obtain clients if you are not investing it in the right way.

By creating a website first of all that is built to convert, the visitors to your site will have a clear path when it comes to inquiring. Your website acts as the front of your business and it is vital that your trust and reliability is promoted across the site. Adapting your website so that it’s built to convert will barely cost a penny and is a thing that so many agencies do not consider. As well as ensuring your website is built for SEO and doing the ongoing on page and content tweaks to your website will ensure that your website gets the exposure that it needs in terms of organic ranking.

Paid advertising can be a pretty cost effective way of obtaining clients but it is important that your campaign is fully optimized so that your spend is as low as possible and so you are targeting the phrases that you need to. There are many cost effective ways in which you can obtain SEO clients and as well as your ongoing prospecting work with your sales team, you can ensure that leads are always coming to you and you’re business is doing as less of the chasing as possible.

Ways to Offer Free Stuff for Potential Clients

Potential clients will never turn their nose up at free stuff and this is another great way in which you can put your businesses foot in the door. Whether you are offering a free report or a free month of SEO, you can utilize these methods as a great way to promote yourself as a genuine company. There are many free SEO reporting tools out there that will provide businesses with some really useful information that they can implement to their website.

Whether it’s on page changes or competitor reports, you can use this as a way to not only provide them with some real free value but actually put your business across as a genuine one looking to help their cause. If you have the resources, you can also offer a free month of SEO work if you feel that they are a client that could potentially be very beneficial to you further down the line. A free month of SEO will provide you with a window of opportunity to promote your services and show them what you can do for them in the space of the month.

Another great trust builder, if you are able to over deliver to them, this will benefit you down the line. We emphasize that only offer free months of work if you have the resources to. It is vital that you take this free month and then ensure you contract them so they are tied down to work with you once the free month is up. As long as you are able to deliver a quality service, then there is no reason as to why they would turn it down.

Utilising Email and Automating Outreach

Emailing is another great way in which you can obtain new SEO clients. By sending out emails and pre-qualifying them if they get back to you, you can then follow up and sell to them why your local SEO service is the best available. Email automation is vital to building your brand and ensuring that you have a line of communication with potential clients. Scaling your emails gives you the ability to have constant inquiries flooding in.

It is vital you have a follow up system in place that peaks their interest and shows that you have a desire to work alongside them too. Email is still one of the best ways to generate new clients in a cost effective manner. By manually generating a mail list by hitting up the most relevant companies when you search for a client within that particular industry, you can super tailor your emails so they are specific to them. There is various mail software out there that allow for you to automate your email process and this plays a crucial role in any businesses outreach efforts.

Over Delivering To Clients Is Crucial

It is vital that the current clients you are working with are building your reputation in the right way. By over delivering and providing a trustworthy service to your current clients, this will only strengthen the trust with potential clients. By meeting targets early, driving traffic and sales to their sites with the work you do, this will only help to build your reputation. This should be at the forefront of everything you do and you should be doing the most to ensure that your team are all on the same page when it comes to meeting their needs.

By getting reviews and testimonials from all of your current clients, outlining the hard work of the agency, you can have these all over your site to help promote your brand as a whole. This will enhance the overall trust of your brand and will in turn ensure that you have new clients inquiring and wanting to work with you. If you can have hundreds of good reviews dotted across your website and GMB listing, this is going to make you stand out from the rest of your competition.

Word Of Mouth And Referrals

Having an effective referral system in place is also a really effective way of securing SEO clients. If you are able to incentivise your current clients with money or free work if they refer to a friend or colleague, this is also another great and really effective way of generating new clients for your SEO agency. It can very much act like a domino effect once you get one referral. Word of mouth gets around and this also helps drive new clients to your website. As long as you are delivering a quality, reliable service, you will find that word of mouth will be just as effective as a referral scheme. Here at DFY Links, we ensure to let every client know that we run referrals and 9 times out of 10, they will refer at least 1 client for nothing at all – simply because we are delivering a quality service. This is why we emphasize the importance to over deliver and provide real ROI for your existing clients as it can really go a long way to determining the success of your agency.

Providing a Genuine Service Goes a Long, Long Way

It is crucial that you are cutting no corners when it comes to your work and you need to ensure that you are putting your clients’ interests at the heart of your company. You may have a lot of clients but are under delivering with your work – ultimately, this is going to harm you in the long term and your client turnover will be through the roof.

Delivering and over delivering on SEO results will drive your clients’ results and at the end of the day, this is all that your clients are interested in. By providing a genuine service and through ensuring your team are constantly doing their job, the results will come. Keeping the clients interests at the forefront of your business will ensure that you are constantly bringing in new work and will propel your business long term.

Reviews are crucial and if you are able to generate a good level of reviews on both your website and Google My Business, this can often be the difference between your top competition and it is vital that you keep on top of your service to ensure you are always delivering a 5 star service.

Gain New SEO Clients Today

These are just a few of many ways in which you and your SEO agency should be utilizing your outreach to gain new clients. It is vital that you do not become reliant on the clients that you have because you never know when they are going to leave you. By keeping the prospecting funnel fresh, this will ensure that you are always generating new interest in your business. It will get to a stage where your outreach is completely automated and the inquiries will be coming to you without having to chase them up. I recommend using referrals with your current clients as one of your key ways to get new SEO clients as they essentially pre-qualify through your existing client. They will ensure that the ice is broken smoothly and they effectively pitch the service for you. Even if you offer it to a client in exchange for free work, this can be a real beneficial way of utilizing your existing clients as a sales force. There are various ways in which you should be prospecting and we hope that this has given you an idea as to which angles you should be aiming towards. It is vital that you are inquiring more clients as your business grows and as long as you are able to deliver a reliable service on a consistent basis, there is no reason as to why potential clients won’t call you first.

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