Best Link Building Strategies In 2019

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DFY Links have compiled a link building strategy guide to provide you with the knowledge you need to reap the full benefits of your link campaign. It is essential that you have a number of link building strategies in place to fully utilise the link power from a variety of different digital platforms. Links are still the key ranking factor in Google’s eyes and in the early days of SEO, it was significantly easier to build links and feel the authority from them.

Now, it has never been more important to ensure that you are using links from different sources in order for Google to consider you an authority within your industry. Gone are the days of being able to generate links from spammy articles and it is vital that you have a plan in place to ensure you are doing everything to create links from worthy, credible sources. Here at DFY Links, we have been in the link building and SEO industry for a number of years and have seen for ourselves how Google’s algorithm and guidelines have become more strict on what determines a good link. This article will go into detail about how best to utilise links and what you can do to create a plan that generates authoritive links whilst ensuring that you are compliant with guidelines and algorithmic updates.

Links make up the network of the internet and are always going to be the key determining factor to helping you rank but it is important to remember that good content has never been more important. This article will hopefully give you an understanding as to what is needed to carry out effective link building whilst ensuring that all of your links remain contextually relevant.

Why is Link Building Important?

Links still remain vital to the success of any website and it is essential that you have a link building strategy in place that will maximise the use of these links. The SEO landscape is always changing but links have always been the key player in determining the authority of a website. Getting the combination of links and content right has never been more important and this is what is going to give your website the exposure it needs to succeed.

There are a number of directions that you need to be looking towards to take your link campaigns in order to build the authority you need in Google’s eyes to rank well. If you are able to link effectively to websites that have strong domain authority, have written articles that are relatable to your website and are placed strategically within the articles, it can be very rewarding. Link building however is the most difficult part of SEO and it is important to know that in order to feel the full benefits of a link, you need to have a strategy in place that can maximise the power of the links.

Once Google have crawled your website, they are able to extract the content and the context of your website and add it to their index. Then, using a number of algorithms to determine how the links can be relevant and helpful, including keywords, keyword variation and where the link is within the article. This is all driven towards the building of trust and ensuring that your website is the most helpful out of your competitors. This is why it is essential that you are able to carry out different link building strategies to ensure that you are generating trust signals from a number of sources.

How Link Building Can Help My Business?

If you are able to execute your link building strategy in the right way, the rewards can be very fruitful. A successful link building strategy will ensure that your business is getting the exposure and authority it needs to move up the rankings. There are a number of ways in which your business can implement link building and it is vital that you are varied in your approach when carrying out your campaigns. If you are looking to implement an effective link building strategy, it is vital that you have a plan in place as to what directions you plan to take your campaign.

If you are able to set realistic goals and ensure that you are utilising all of the methods discussed in this article, you will be able to get the most out of the links you utilise. You need to be aware of how other businesses within your industry are getting the most out of their backlinks and what platforms they are using to generate them. There are a number of link building tools that you can use to effectively plan and gain an understanding of the landscape and how you can compete within your niche. Tools like Ahrefs and Screaming Frog enable you to take a look at what the best performers within your industry are doing. Some niches are harder to rank in than others and your link profile plays a significant role in determining this.

Your goals should be realistic but calculated and when executing a successful campaign, a good strategic plan can be the difference between your site ranking and it not. Link building is very much a long term plan and you need to consider the time all of this work will take. As well as link building, you need to make sure that you are carrying out the other SEO tasks successfully as all of these moving parts will ultimately determine your sites success.

Putting the User at the Forefront of your Link Building Efforts

There are various link building strategies that if you are not thinking about already, you certainly should be. SEO specialists have never been more focused on the variation of link building and are becoming increasingly more creative with the work they are putting in to these strategies. Google are putting more and more scrutiny on links as their algorithmic system becomes more and more knowledgeable. We are going to take a look at the various link building strategies and how you can implement good, high quality links to your website whilst keeping in line with Google’s guidelines.

Not only are we going to look at the various link building methods but we’re also going to look at how should be utilising these methods in a way where your website can reap the full benefits from these strategies. As well as focusing on the links that you need to implement, you need to be thinking about the audience that you are going to be reaching. This is why we put emphasis on the use of link building tools and how you should properly plan your campaign before rushing into anything. By taking a look at the top performers within your industry, you can see what type of links they are utilising and what you need to be doing in order to compete effectively.

You not only need to think about the volume of links but take time to think about who is going to be engaging with your website and how you can effectively make the most out of the visitors to your website. The user should always be at the forefront of your link building efforts and you need to remain engaging whilst remaining relevant and getting the most out of your links as a ranking factor. Google’s algorithmic updates are only going to scrutinise websites more and more as it continues to develop so it is important that you are creating worthy sharable content that people want to read.

Recommended Link Building Strategies

With all of the above in mind, you need to then be putting these processes into action and actively carrying out link building in order for your website to succeed. Our specialists at DFY Links are here to provide you with everything that you need to successfully execute a link campaign and ensure that you have access to the new and existing ways in which you can implement the power of back links to your advantage.

It is important that you read this guide in full and understand the importance of varying your strategies. For instance, if Google looks at your website and sees that all of you links are all generated using ‘black hat’ techniques and are coming from solely spammy articles, this is going to ultimately hurt you in the long run.

We have vast experience in link building and SEO and know the strategies that are needed in order to link your website successfully. Links are always going to be the key ranking factor for a website and you need to know the strategies that our guys here at DFY Links recommend.

Guest Posts

Guest posts are the one of the most frequently used methods of link building and is a hugely influential way in sending link power to your website. It is important that you have a strategy in place and understand what is needed to generate these links effectively. There are a couple of ways in which you can utilise guest posts and I will discuss how you can utilise these link building strategies effectively. When planning your guest post strategy, you firstly need to find an appropriate site that will be happy to share your content and will provide credible authority to your website.

Once you have planned your link building strategy and understand what is needed and what keywords you need to be targeting, you can then query Google and find guest post sites that are looking for opportunities to take on guest posts for your particular niche. Twitter is another platform in which you can find some really good guest post opportunities to share guest posts. By searching the keyword you are looking to rank for followed by ‘guest post’, you gain access to a number of sites that accept guest posts within your industry.

The method that we use the majority of the time here at DFY Links is reverse engineering these links by using link building tools and seeing what links makes up their back link profile. By taking your key competitors within your niche, looking at their back link profile and seeing where they have shared posts, you can gather a significant number of powerful guest post sites that will ensure you are getting decent link value from your articles We believe that this is one of the best ways to generate guest post opportunities because it provides you with sites that are proven and have a track record of assisting with link opportunities. 


There are a number of creative ways in which you can utilise guest post opportunities and this is one that we especially like. If there is a well known individual within your industry who you know writes a lot of blogs, try to find a headshot of them, take the URL of that particular image and query Google Reverse Image Search by putting the URL into the search. These will provide you with a number of results where they have shared content and will provide you with every place where they have left guest posts.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is another way in which you can effectively generate links and is certainly a strategic move that you can implement into any link campaign. Best place in the industry is SEOButler, able to provide you unique content related to your niche. This is where you create guides and resources to help answer a specific problem for customers. Content is king when it comes to building authority and if you are able to create a resource that people can find genuine value with, it can be a very effective way to generate significant link authority. If you are able to target an audience within your niche that may be beginners in what they do, this can be a great way to answer users questions. By making a resource that can provide genuine value, you will find that this can be a very effective way to generate links. If it is able to catch on and authoritive websites begin to share your resources, this can really provide you with the exposure you need and will send your referring domains through the roof.

You should think logically when planning out this particular link building strategy and think of the ways in which you can answer real problems and create content that people are going to want to read. You need to always be writing your content with the user in mind and by incorporating images, info graphics and other mediums of communication, you can create a piece that people will really want to read. Reddit is a great platform and is a great way to connect directly with your audience. If you are able to provide value and consistently produce good content, you will be able to generate a name for yourselves in these groups and it can be a really powerful way to generate links, especially if influencers catch on to your work and begin sharing it themselves.

You can also utilise social media, use email outreach tools and other mediums to distribute your content and it can be a very effective way to build back links. Here at DFY Links, this is certainly a key part of our link building strategy and we highly recommend implementing this instantly.

Private Blog Networks


Private Blog Networks or PBN’s are another effective way in building back links and should certainly be a part of your link building strategy. Over the years, PBN’s have been one of the most effective ways to rank websites. This section will cover the ways in which you can utilise PBN links and how they can enhance your websites link profile significantly. If you have your own PBN, you are effectively in complete control of the links that are pointed at it and it can be a very effective way to build authority to your money websites.

If any of the links within your PBN become de indexed, you have complete control and can remove them instantly. It can be a pretty cost effective way of getting your website to rank and can send some real value to your websites. If you wanted to build a 10 site network, it would cost roughly $300 for 10 domains, $29 per month to host the 10 sites and about $300 for 10 x 1,000 word content pieces. Google are completely against PBN’s because of the fact that there is very little that they can do about the authority they provide websites with. If you are looking to buy PBN links, there are a number of online vendors that are more than happy to provide you with links and shouldn’t really be a frowned upon technique because there is someone that is in full control of the links and it takes away the private element that the name may suggest.

Here at DFY Links, we highly recommend using this as a way to generate links but ensure that you know and trust the PBN provider to ensure that your website will not get hit as a result. It is a very cost effective way to actually build your own PBN as a pose to buying links from others as you have complete control and can utilise link tools to ensure that all of your links are passing the link juice that they need to.

Blog Commenting

This is another way to effectively build back links to your website and is certainly a technique that we recommend implementing as a part of your link building strategy. Blog commenting on posts by influential people within your niche will not be too time consuming, is completely free if carrying out manually and will provide value to people looking for services like yours. Although these links are nofollow, they will help your nofollow/dofollow ratio and provide a significant trust signal that can have an impact on ranking. All you need to do is search Google and look for posts where you can leave comments. By searching ‘inurl:*your niche* ‘’leave a reply’’, you will be provided with a number of results and places to leave comments. You should be looking for posts that have had previous comments left on them and this will ensure that you are engaging with active blogs that are generating genuine interest. When creating the comment, you need to be sure that you are creating genuine interest and tailoring a reply that the author will respond to. You have a much better chance of getting your comment approved if the author responds to you so you need to be sure that you are creating a comment that will generate actual interest. You should manage all of your comments in a spreadsheet and track the response rate of your comments. This is a great way to build a name and enhance your website as a whole and can be a very time effective way of helping enhance your exposure.

Local Citations

Citations are another effective link building medium and if executed in the right way can be a very effective way to build both local and general presence. Citations work excellently with all kinds of websites and not only expand your overall link profile but help you rank in local listings and the map pack. They are an essential part to any link building campaign and they are so easy to execute but so often they are neglected as people turn their nose up at their significance. They are especially important if you are looking to rank a local site and should be a necessity when ranking for local phrases within your niche.

Citations refer to business listings and directories where you sign up and list your business information publicly. You need to make sure that you have all of your business information and ensure that all of your details match up with the information on your Google listing. This includes name, address, URL, phone number etc. and if any of this is inconsistent, it can actually have a negative effect on your ranking. You need to keep all of your company information in a spreadsheet and make sure that you are keeping this consistent across your entire citation link building efforts. This is especially vital if you are looking to rank in the map packs and this is so often the reason as to why some of our local clients fail to rank their sites locally.

If you do not have a business address for your business, you should look at local service offices and try using one of these. Google will send out a postcard to confirm you are at the address but if you are able to use an address that you can get verified, and then you should definitely look to doing so. In order to list your citations, you should search ‘business directory *location*’ and mass open all of the top results.

It can be a pretty long process and there are providers out there that will do it for you for a pretty reasonable price. Websites like Yelp, Yell and 192 are great and we highly recommend to anyone wanting to rank locally ensuring that this is part of their link building strategy.

Broken Link Building


This is another link building method that can send significant authority to your website if executed in the right way. Broken link building involves finding relevant pages to your website / niche and basically searching those for potential broken links that you can utilise and have them send to your website instead. By mass exporting lists of competitor pages or websites with a good level of authority, you can go through and look for any 404 pages that you may be able to utilise.

Once you have your list prepared of broken pages, this is where you send your outreach emails about the link on your website could replace the broken link on their site. This benefits both parties and saves work for the website concerned as they don’t have to create all new content for that particular page. It can be a very extensive process but if you are able to outsource the work and get someone else to do the outreach work, it can be a very effective way to generate links from authoritive websites.

You need to ensure that the links are going to be contextually relevant and there are a number of guides to assist you with your broken link building efforts. This can be a very effective way to build links but again, it is time consuming and you need to be sure that you are monitoring the work closely. For the time it requires, it is a link building method that you could explore but we highly recommend  that you don’t spend too much of your own time of this particular strategy.

Web 2.0’s

Webs 2.0’s are another link building strategy that can make up a big part of your link building efforts. A web 2.0 is basically where a website will allow for you to create another website under their brand, like Blogspot and Tumblr as well as the other hundreds of thousands that are available.

There are many other link building methods that you can incorporate into your link efforts which you may argue are cheaper and more time effective too. You essentially build them as you would a PBN and for the time it takes to set them up so they are passing the same authority, you’d argue that creating an authoritive PBN is a better investment. If you are looking at web 2.0’s, expired profiles are a great way to build link authority.

You need to find web 2.0’s that have significant link profiles that will pass a ton of authority to your website when you link from it. It is a most definitely cheaper way of building out a PBN but for the time that you spend building the network and building authority, you could’ve built a real authoritive PBN and have some real significant link power going to your money page.

Russian Link Networks

Russian Link Networks are a very much black hat way in which you can source very cheap backlinks. With Russians using Yandex as their main search engine, this is the main way in which Russian businesses rank their websites. The main way in which they rank their sites is through buying backlinks and has helped to create an industry where websites outside of Russia can use this platform to buy links. Not only does it provide a platform for websites to buy links but they are also extremely cheap and their price is pretty much unrivalled with any other form of link.

Google are actively after these links and you are playing a dangerous game by using these kinds of links. The number of link providers however is so huge and it would be impossible for Google to take out the whole of SAPE but you still need to be aware of the risks involved with this particular link building strategy. The cost of these links makes them a very attractive investment and the fact that the inventory is so big is certainly a big reason as to why so many people choose to use them.

Info graphic Submissions

Info graphics are another way in which you can encourage webmasters to link t5o your website. If you are able to create a tangible, useful bit of info graphical content, you will provide the users of your website with some real value that they can then implement to their own website. There are a number of info graphic websites where you can upload your content to and if it contains value, it will certainly interest webmasters and if you’re able to have an authoritive, really relevant site using your content; it’s going to pass link juice as well as a new potential traffic source.

Info graphics are a great way to attract interest in your outreach efforts too and if you offer it as a free guide that will provide their users with value, this is another link building strategy that you can potentially discover. Info graphic work can certainly help promote your brand and if you’re able to do enough of this on a regular basis, it can certainly help improve your brand. This is a method that we certainly recommend as a different direction you could potentially take your link building efforts.

Press Releases

Press releases are another potential direction that you can take your link building campaign in. With press releases, you are essentially providing publicity and awareness of your general brand and if executed in the right way can provide you with some good exposure and way of utilising authoritive link power in the early days of SEO . So we recommend press releases especially for brand new websites as they are a great way to generate hype. You need to ensure that your press release is engaging and is good enough for a news outlet to take it and create their story with it. If done correctly, you have the potential to go viral and reap the rewards of a ton of links from a number of directions. In order to get the most out of this investment, you need to ensure that you are providing value as well as making sure that the story is interesting enough for it to take off.  You want to ensure that you are releasing your press release on a niche specific site and you can pay for these on a number of platforms.

Social Media

Social media is another way in which you can generate some real authoritive links as well as creating another way in which users can access your website. Social media is a very quick way to get links to your websites and is something that you should be doing right away if your website is brand new. Whether you are planning to use social media or not, it is still a platform that you can make the most out of and you should certainly be getting the most out of your brand as much as you can. You need to remember that you want to get your branded username if you can and you should make an account just so that no one steals the one you want. Social media can be an extremely effective link platform and like press releases, if the content you create is sharable and valuable, it can help it to take off. It is certainly a direction in which your link building strategy can be made quite cost effective and if you are able to automate the whole posting and interacting with users, it can be a very effective way to help push social signals to your website. If you are able to consistently produce valuable and sharable posts, as well as being consistent with the interaction with users, you can certainly help your brand gain significant exposure.

Competitor Link Building

This is a strategy that effectively combines all of the other tactics that have been mentioned above. If you have access to a tool like Ahrefs or any other backlink tool, you can export all of your competitors back links and find out what kinds of articles they are linking to. You should always ensure that you are making the most out of link building tools in any of your link building approaches as it provides you with a real understanding of the market and will give you an exact figure as to how many links and what you need to rank within your particular niche.

In regards to competitor link building, once you have exported your top competitor’s back link profile, you take a look at the content they have linked to and begin to create an even bigger piece of content. You can outreach to every one of these websites where they have sourced links and see whether you can get a link yourself.

This works as a very effective way to generate links because it is the strength and authority of the links to your competitors that has led to them getting to where they are. Again, this should certainly be a direction where you should take your link building campaign if you want a realistic way of competing with your top rivals.

Other Link Building Strategies

This is another great way in which you can generate some real high quality links to your website. By setting up an anonymous email dissociated with your brand, getting a list of blogs to gather contact information and sending emails to the blog writers to ask to buy a link from their blog to your website, this can be a very easy way to generate links both of good quality and fairly quickly.

There is plug-ins like that will scrape a website for contact information and is a very effective way to get links quickly. It is important that you do your research on these blogs and make sure that they are trusted and relevant to your niche but if executed in the right way can be a very decent investment of your time. You should tailor your emails in a way that will show interest, knowledge of their blog and how your website can be beneficial to their blog. This is a link building method that we still utilise quite a bit here at DFY Links and is certainly a way in which you can generate good links pretty quickly.

Forum Link Building

Forums are another way in which you can utilise another direction of link building as part of your campaign. Not only are they a useful way to pass link juice but they also generate another source of traffic to your website. When referring to these links, we are talking about real relevant forums within your niche where you can engage with real people within your industry. It may mean that you need to build a real presence within the forums before you can actually post a link, or upgrade to a premium account but if you are able to build a name for yourself and your brand, you will help generate real traffic from people genuinely interested with the service you are providing.

You should look at this as a way to build a presence and if you are only operating within a couple of these forums but posting regularly, you will generate significant authority. Make sure that the section of the forum is indexed and this will ensure you are sharing posts in an indexed, traffic generating platform that will provide you with significant link power as a result. As long as you are providing helpful, insightful posts, you will find that your presence grows and as a result so will your brand.

How I Can Implement Link Building to my Website

So we hope that this article has provided you with a decent bit of knowledge and direction of where to take your link building strategies. It has never been more important to diversify your link building efforts and if executed in the right way, will provide you with the exposure and link juice that you need to succeed within your niche.

Links are still very much the leading ranking factor and it is essential that you are able to execute these strategies in the right way. Here at DFY Links, we are dedicated to utilising all of these methods and ensuring that the businesses we work with get the exposure that they need to rank within their niche. Get in touch with us today and see how our services can assist your link building campaign.

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