"PBN Backlinks"

DFY’s Private Blog Network (or “PBN” for short) backlinks and link packages offer a wide variety of utilities that allow you to rank sites in record times.

"PBN Links"

""Tier 2 PBN Links | Power Ups"

Tier 2 PBN links are used to power up your guest posts. Guest posts often have high domain authority but low URL authority, tier 2 PBN links help this.

"One Time Fee | PBN Links"

Our one time fee PBN Links are the perfect kicker link for those looking for a cheap alternative to rank low to medium competition sites with tested and well built sites on aged auction domains.

"Monthly Rental | PBN Links"

Our monthly rental PBNs are for those looking to rank high competition niches with really powerful links. With hand researched & picked auction domains, and an average RD of over 300 you’ll be getting extremely powerful links for a small monthly cost.

"PBN Links By DFY Links"

While PBNs have got some bad rap recently due to their diminished power, they still are will probably remain to be the most powerful type of link that can be built to your site when done correctly. They just aren’t as powerful as they once were.

We are going to be offering 3 different types of PBN links:

One time payment links

Monthly rental PBN links

T2 PBN links

At DFY we always wanted to offer a way for our clients to pay once for the product and not worry about having to pay again but we have had a large amount of requests for monthly rentals as well.

This is why we have, for PBNs only, decided to offer both. This gives you the best of both words. If you have a new site and don’t have a large budget you can test monthly rental PBNs to make sure they give you the ROI you expect, but if you have a bigger budget you are able to just pay off the link all at once.


We do not recommend pointing our T2 PBNs directly at your site, while some people have done so with good results, especially for local sites we think that it is probably too high of a risk. This is why we have separated them, we use them exclusively for powering up guest posts and authority links.

With our T2 PBN links we will use anywhere from 0 to 50 links to each of our posts, the average generally falls around 3-5 but if we had a forbes link we wouldn’t be scared to really push this as higher authority links are able to take more T2 links.

The beauty of T2 PBN links is that any risks fall onto the site which they are pointing at, so your tier 1 backlink profile stays clean. We haven’t seen any penalties due to T2 links in recent years.