French Links | RD100-400+


Trying to rank for .fr SERPs? One of the best ways to do that is by having backlinks from other .fr websites. To take it one step further, you can get links on other French websites with French anchor text. 

Each of the sites that this service gets links from has over 100 referring domains. That means there are 100 unique sites linking to the sites which are linking to you.

Note: All Anchors are in French

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What language is the anchor text in?

For these particular links, the anchor text is in the native language.

What if I want anchor text in a regional language?

We only use languages which Search Engines, especially google processes. We use the officially recognised national languages as Search Engines are better at reading these 

Where are these links sourced from? Are they guest posts or niche edits?

These links are taken from our massive inventory of over 200,000 unique websites. We choose the relevant website and make a link placement on it. 

What domain rating are the linking sites?

Domain rating is not used as a metric in this particular service.

Can you use domain rating as a metric?

With this service, we don’t use any other metrics other than referring domains.