GMB Verification


You choose a target location for a Google My Business profile, we review it, and if it is appropriate, get it setup in just 4 weeks. You don’t need a physical office in the area you choose to setup your profile in. We can also setup as many GMB locations as you wish.



What is the turnaround time for a GMB verified listing?

  • On average, the turnaround time is 4 weeks. However, depending on volume, this may be slightly more or slightly less.

How long do GMB verified listings last?

  •  Until you decide to take it down.

Do I get access to my listing?

  • Yes, log in details for your Google My Business profile are emailed directly when the listing is verified. 

How many verified listings can I order?

  • Each order is for one listing but provided that the locations are accepted, you can order from us as many times as you like.