Mid Authority News Sites


Our medium authority news sites allow you to get an editorial link on a site that has a Moz Domain Authority of 20+ and as standard come with a minimum, 500 word article and custom research to make sure the article is as cleverly written for a news publication as possible – These will look like REAL news stories, not some 300 site press release blast.
These are our middle of the pack editorial sites within our Google News service, and are ideal for your medium competition client or affiliate site.

If you’re looking to take it to the next level, you can use the Baby Authority News sites as tier 2 links to both validate and power-up this high authority news editorial. These work incredibly well as you’ll have multiple tiers within Google’s News algorithm.. If you’re just looking for ranking signals, then you can just go with our tier 2 PBNs.
If you’re looking to do a complete, custom news campaign across multiple websites, then get in touch with us so we can help you plan out the correct campaign for your site.

An FAQ for this service is found at the bottom of this page.

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How relevant will the content be to my niche?

All editorials will be made relevant to your niche.  Example: If your anchor text is ‘search engine optimization service,” we will place the term on a news editorial that’s about business. The link will be in a sentence that’s part of an organic story, where it can be naturally read and make sense to viewers.

How long does service take?

Expect 10 business days for each editorial ordered.  If ordering multiple links, we may complete part of them in groups but the job will obviously require more time. However, we try to get things done as fast as possible.

Buy the expedited service if you would like a 48 hour turn round.

Do you accept all niches?

We can accept most types of content (Including Gambling and CBD) as long as the website is of quality. Adult content is the only type of content that’s not allowed on the Google News network as a whole, and you may want to get in touch with us for pre-approval about specific pharma products.

If you have any questions or doubts, simply contact us here.

Can I choose my own anchor text?

Yes you can, for “bad” niches (Gambling, THC/CBD, Pharma etc) then you’ll have to get in touch with us about the anchor, as some sites may refuse.

Can you point links at your news editorial?

Any Tier 2 linking you do yourself should be quality, white hat links. These sites have clean, high quality reputations. Any articles be spammed with low quality links my be removed by the site.

Can you submit media content along with article?

Absolutely. You can submit your own photos.  You can submit video for embedding. In fact, we recommend usage of both to increase the time users spend on page. This increases rank of your editorial page. In turn, this increases the power of the link to your money site.