Preacher Package


Our Preacher Package Is Perfect For Medium & High Competition Niches or Those Looking To Improve Their Online Reputation.

You’ll Get A Mixture Of Highly Powerful Google News Story Links & Our High End Niche Edits.

The Preacher Package Includes –

1x High Authority G News Sites

2x Tier 2 Baby Authority G News Sites

3x DR50-75 Niche Edits



Package FAQ

1) How do the packs work?

The packs are delivered like any of our other link services, we place the links are you receive a report once it has been completed. The only difference is that when you are using a bigger package we also offer on-page and disavow recommendations, these are emailed to you. We do not implement these changes ourselves. The links will be dripped at a safe rate for your site.

2) What is the TAT for these links?

The general turn around time for these packages are 4 weeks, the first order might take longer due to the initial research required but will be caught up over the subsequent months. If you have tier 2 links within your order, the tier 1 sheet will be delivered first.

3) Do you accept foreign sites?

No these are for English only sites currently, this may change in the future but we will let you know when this happens?

4) Are there any niches that you don’t accept?

Yes we don’t accept pharmacutical, gambling or adult. If you are wondering whether this includes your niche feel free to get in touch.