Premium Press Releases


Our press releases are a great way to diversify the backlink profile of your site, and we get you a combination of both do-follow, and no-follow backlinks, which includes a minimum of 5 Google news sites. The Google news site backlinks are do-follow, and the beauty of these is that they index instantly. Not only this but we distribute this to a network of over 250 sites, which are all high authority and include ABC / NBC / Fox. When you’re doing this ahrefs and majestic will pick up around 50% of these links, whereas competitors often won’t have many links showing.


We also power up the press release campaign by combining it with creating a cloud and google drive stack. Each campaign gets their own specific g-mail account, and we create a full brand entity stack on all the main clouds (e.g. Amazon/Google/Microsoft). The google drive stacking includes a blog spot, google site, google docs and pdfs. All of these are interlinked, which help to increase the power of the press release.



Step 1 – Our team of British writers create a custom press release for you and your company

Step 2 – You can embed iframes, which include Youtube videos and GMB listings

Step 3 – This is distributed to over 250 high-quality news sites – Including ABC / Fox / NBC / Google News, creating a combination of no-follow and do-follow backlinks to diversify your backlink profile

Step 4 – We then create a cloud and drive stack for this PR

Step 5 – You receive a full PDF and Excel report at the end of the campaign