Welcome to the writeup of our first ever search conference run by Charles Floate and DFY Links.

Welcome to the writeup of our first ever search conference run by Charles Floate and DFY Links. If any of you reading this were at the event, then we hope you had a good a time as we sure did!

It was held in Beautiful Sunny Birmingham first at the Hyatt for the VIP event, then at the Bierkeller the next day for the talks and presentations, and a few drinks of course!

The VIP day started with Podcast interviews with Craig Campbell, CraigCampbellSEO – who was speaking at the event too, and Gareth Simpson, Seeker Digital.

search birmingham vip

After the podcasts, it was time to meet and greet all the VIP ticket holders in the lounge. There was a small delay as the roadworks in Birmingham held up a few people, *cough* *cough* James Dooley *cough* *cough*

Everyone was fed up (with food, not boredom) in the restaurant before we got down to business, with a few glasses of bubbly on hand to loosen up the attendees, and perhaps loosen their lips to spill some of their secrets.

The VIP event was a chance for some renowned SEO’s, business owners and a sneaky PPC guy to stand up in turn for 15 mins  and ask a question or opinion of the group.

For me, this was fascinating, the insights offered here were varied, in depth and super helpful. I must have taken out a sizable chunk of the Amazon rainforest with the amount of notes I scribbled down.

Brett Downes

I asked the rest of the DFY guys what were their favourite parts of the queries.

Charles Floate

The VIP day went amazingly well, with insights from veterans across the industry and networking with some of the big dogs. The second day came with technical issues but was outshined by the quality of presentations and Q&As afterward.

Yudhish Puran

As the event organiser, I was a little bit nervous to see how the whole event would come together. The VIP exceeded my expectations! The One on One strategy sessions worked like a charm and loads of knowledge bombs were dropped. I’d say it was a decent first attempt.

Mat Gallimore

SEO is not my job, nor has it my strong point in this field. However over the space of two days the wealth of information that was at my fingertips was absolutely astonishing. The sheer brilliance of the minds in a single room was seriously second to none.

Luke Whelan

After hearing impressive stories about Brighton and Chiang Mai, I expected a lot from an SEO conference. I was not let down. I can’t describe the value I extracted from the VIP day and the network I created in just a matter of hours and a few friend requests.

Ronan Gough

The VIP event was an excellent opportunity for learning and improving. The hot-seat helped solve everyone’s current problems but also passed tips that were useful for everyone in the room. For me, being a relatively new SEO, it inspired me to further my career 

Jack Vivian

The VIP event went so well: the feeling of community was really there and no-one shied away from sharing personal industry insights.  Other people’s one on one strategy sessions answered a lot of questions I didn’t realise I had as well as questions I’ve had for yonks.

Gareth Hoyle was the unofficial MC of the event, showing that us geeks do have a sense of humour and can have fun after all.

The cost of the VIP ticket turned out to be a drop in the ocean for the amount of value garnered from this session. In terms of vital information given out, the ROI from this room full of experts was exceptional.

It was an eclectic mix of SEO’s in different stages in their career, with business and life advice also handed out in addition to the expected SEO gems.

It got feisty at times, never out of hand, but it exemplifies the passion of the SEO’s (and the PPC guy).

It was totally sick, amazing to meet so many people at different levels and angles of business.

The only thing I didn’t like is that I hate public speaking, so after I saw it was that format I was on edge until my turn was done. It would be better if people had the option to speak before hand so as not to have the embarrassing choice on the day. At the same time, I learnt a lot from advice given to other people that I might not have heard if some hadn’t chosen to speak, so overall it was sweet af either way.

Also, totally should have had a bar on vip day, definitely would have opened up more and felt braver with my opinions in front of all the millionaires after a few cheeky bruskis! xD

Either way I’m definitely there again next year, sign my ass up now. Let me know if you need any reviews/testimonials, by far the most useful event I’ve been to in 12yrs of corporate digital marketing.

Ben Head

CEO, Digiconomy Ltd

search birmingham standard

The day of the speakers arrived, and we welcomed more people who had signed up for the talks in the Bierkeller. They joined the VIP’s and the sore head VIP’s for the day.

Day 2 was more in line with a traditional conference, where we had talks from the man himself – Charles Floate , Owner,  DFY Links; as mentioned earlier Craig Campbell, Owner, CraigcampbellSEO, Jack Vivian, Head of Link Building, DFY Links; and James Gregory, CEO, Agency Backlinks.

The Talks

Charles Floate

A genius Global SEO. He has ranked myriads of “super-hot” keywords with Black hat / White hat / Grey hat techniques. Charles is currently managing a super backlink system with more than 100,000 unique domains. He will show us his up to date tactics for dominating SERPs with specialist link building techniques and strategies.

Jack Vivian

In this talk, Jack will dive into the backlink analysis techniques and tactics we use at DFYLinks and SEO A.I. – His talk will discuss how we use this data to see whether we can be competitive in a certain niche and how many links we might need to rank.

James Gregory

In this talk, Jack will dive into the backlink analysis techniques and tactics we use at DFYLinks and SEO A.I. – His talk will discuss how we use this data to see whether we can be competitive in a certain niche and how many links we might need to rank.

Craig Campbell

Craig will be discussing some affiliate marketing projects that he has been working on and will be talking about the strategies and techniques involved to monetise these projects. Craig will be showing examples of traffic and growth alongside pointing you in the right direction so you can increase your revenue.

The talks were fascinating and it was great to derive some real actionable insights from the speakers. Not without controversy, one heroic gentleman told the bar staff to shut up as they were making too much noise!

Once the talks were over, everyone had a few more beers – using up the rest of the free drink tickets before some headed home or back to hotel HQ to get ready for the last night out.

Once again, the night events stay on tour, let’s just say there were some sore heads the next day, and anybody who had to drive any sort of distance to get home, had our sympathies!

We’d like to thank everyone for coming and hope you all had a great time and we hope to see you all again next year. As a sign off, I’ll leave that the man himself – Mr C Floate