How To Generate Hundreds of SEO Leads Per Month

DFY How to Generate SEO leads

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The Two Methods to Generate SEO Leads for Your Business

Before we begin, you need to understand that there are two ways you can market your company to prospective clients.

  • Outbound Marketing – This requires you to reach out to individuals and woo them into working with you.
  • Inbound Marketing – People reach out to you after learning about your company through a platform (Google search, social media, word of mouth, etc.).

In an ideal world, all your transactions would come from inbound marketing. Once you put your name out there, you want people to find you organically.

Imagine growing your business without lifting a finger. It’s the dream!

You add new content to your website, let those pages rank, and potential customers find them and reach out to you.

With inbound marketing, you get to show off your SEO skills by ranking for every keyword you target.

Inbound Marketing IO managed to increase its revenue by 3x with a 33x increase in leads thanks to inbound marketing.

It now enjoys the luxury of having 95% of their clients on retainer.

Elevator Agency, meanwhile, used inbound marketing to gather leads for their clients.

Are they successful?

Oh, you bet they are.

Their clients saw an average increase of 594% in leads. And all that came after just 90 days from launching an inbound lead generation strategy.

The road to increased leads is made easier with inbound marketing.

And if you try real hard, you can become part of that club.


Inbound marketing has its limitations.

At some point, you’re going to have to combine inbound and outbound marketing.

An outbound strategy is more challenging. Unlike inbound, you’re getting in touch with people who don’t know who you are and what you do.

In some cases, the people you talk to don’t even know why they need you and your services.

You’re establishing a relationship with several people all at the same time.

To make matters worse, you’ll have to vet every potential client to see if there really is business to be made working together.

If done right, the combination of both strategies can yield positive results for your SEO firm.

Why Do SEO Agencies Struggle to Build a Client Base?

As alluded to earlier, getting clients is not so simple.

Both inbound and outbound strategies can fail if not implemented properly.

And when that happens, it could spell disaster for your agency.


There’s no need to worry.

In this section, you’ll find out some of the common pitfalls of SEO lead generation.

Here are some of the reasons why agencies fail to register enough leads to run their business.

Not Ranking for Your Keywords

One ironic thing about inbound marketing is how SEOs fail to rank for search terms they’re trying to rank for.

If you’re as good as you claim to be, ranking your website should be easy as pie.

why do seo agencies - not ranking for your kws - iowa seo

But every SEO knows that’s easier said than done.

Unfortunately, your potential clients don’t know that.

All they know is that whoever is on top of the SERPs is probably the best one for the job.

Besides, if they don’t see your agency on Google’s page one, they wouldn’t know you exist.

Not Using the Right Lead Generation Forms

Landing on your page is one thing.

But what do customers do when they get there. Have you given it some thought?

The right thing to do is have those leads enter their contact information. That way, you’ll have the opportunity to send them a pitch.

At the very least, you should get their email address so you can send them exclusive deals or newsletters.

The best way to do that would be through lead generation forms.

why do seo agencies - not using lead gen forms - ebrandz seo

SEO agencies with lead generation forms also open the door to collect contact information in exchange for service or resource.

Offering something of value for free can entice customers to give you a shot.

Right now, you’re probably asking yourself:

But I already have a contact form on my site! How come people aren’t filling it out?

There’s something wrong with your form, in this case. But I’ll discuss it in depth later.

Not “SEO” Enough

You’re offering top-notch SEO services.

You claim to carry your clients to the top of the SERPs.

You tell clients you know every trick in the book like the back of your hand.

And yet…

Your website sucks.

Pages take way too long to load. Your layout looks like it was designed back when Angelfire was still a thing.

why do seo agencies - not seo enough - angelfire

Ah, the good old days.

Your domain is not secure (no HTTPS certification) and your code is not up to par with industry standards.

All these things lead visitors to believe that you don’t know SEO at all.

Your site is a reflection of who you are and what you can do for your clients.

So before pitching them the ideal site for their brand, maybe you should go fix yours first.

Not Reaching Out to the Right Prospects

It might be tempting to send an email blast to everyone in your contact list and tout your business.

But this approach often leads to catastrophic results.

Before reaching out to prospective customers, you should see to it that they have a need for high-quality SEO.

And while you’re at it, double-check to see if you have the right email address. There’s nothing worse than waiting for a reply when in fact no one received your email.

It’s also worth asking yourself these questions:

  • Are you sending the email to the right person?
  • Is your contact still working for the company you’re reaching out to?
  • Does the person work in the right department?
  • Is there anyone else you could be talking to?
  • Is the person in any position to hire you?

As long as you’re sure that your cold emails are headed for the right individuals, then there’s nothing wrong with sending them out to as many as you can.

Not Using Your Best Pitch

Having the freshest ingredients won’t necessarily result in an amazing dish.

Especially if you cook it wrong.

The same can be said about pitching your business.

Even if you are the best in the world when it comes to SEO, a bland pitch can ruin your chances.

Does your pitch suck?

If you’re unsure, then it’s high time to reassess your approach.

Your pitch applies not only to your cold emails but also to your website.

Go over your site and see if your content is way too long and convoluted for the average business owner. If it reads like a template, you best get rid of it.

It shouldn’t be about you. It should be about what you can do for the client.

What about the layout? Do you have a great call-to-action?

SEO guru Neil Patel has several call-to-actions on his website to promote his SEO services.

why do seo agencies - not using your best pitch - neil patel


You only have a few seconds to convince users to check you out. Make every second count.

Okay. So How Do I Generate SEO Leads the Right Way?

Glad you asked.

So far you’ve read that generating SEO leads can be tough.

Well, that’s true.

But once you learn how to do it right, then you can expect better results. It might even cause a big boom to your business.

Here are some ways you can correct common lead generation mistakes and generate more leads using both outbound and inbound marketing techniques.

Optimize Your Landing Pages for Transactional Keywords

As an SEO expert, you already know what transactional keywords are.

You’ve probably optimized hundreds of landing pages for transactional keywords.

But have you optimized your own pages to rank for transactional keywords?

Here’s the thing:

Entrepreneurs looking for SEO services will likely use transactional keywords to find them.

They’ll include words like “buy”, “best”, or “hire” in their search queries.

So you’ll need to have pages to accommodate for that.

Customers are looking for the best product and services that meet their needs.

Your landing pages should reflect that.

In the example below, the query “hire SEO Atlanta” brings out results that are not necessarily optimized for the search term.

how do i generate - optimize your landing pages - hire seo atlanta

And the only entry in the list with a transactional term (“hire Atlanta SEO”) points to a generic article.

how do i generate - optimize your landing pages - foliodrop

If your agency is based in Atlanta, you can reach page one just by optimizing for the right transactional search term.

Surely Google would prefer a better, more relevant landing page on its SERP than the one it currently has for “hire SEO Atlanta”.

It’s on you to make that happen.

Having the Best Keywords for Your Agency

You want to be on top of the SERPs (or at least on its first page).

Part of your journey will be figuring out the best combination of keywords to target.

Let’s go over a simple way to get you started.

We’ll be using Ahrefs in this example but you can use whichever keyword tool you prefer.

Log into you Ahrefs account. Once you’re in, head to Keyword Explorer tool.

how do i generate - best kws for your agency - keyword explorer tool

Enter SEO as your keyword and select the country you want to rank in. We’ll select the USA in this example.

how do i generate - best kws for your agency - keyword seo

Click Search when you’re ready. On the next page, you’ll be shown all the relevant information for your search term.

Go to Keyword Ideas > All Keyword Ideas.

how do i generate - best kws for your agency - all kw ideas

You’ll be presented with lots of keywords. You need to filter all of them to only show transactional terms.

Click Include and enter transactional terms. In our case, we chose to use “hire”, “best”, “expert”, and “services”. Separate each term with a comma.

Make sure to set your condition to Any Word.

how do i generate - best kws for your agency - include

Click Apply to continue.

how do i generate - best kws for your agency - filtered keywords

You should now have a list of transactional keywords. But we can break it down even further.

Ahrefs lets you break down your KW list any way you want.

How you do it will depend on your strategy.

If you’d like, you can focus on ranking for terms with a low difficulty rating.

This increases your chances of breaking through the top ten search results for certain terms.

To do this, click the KD drop-down menu and enter the following values:

  • Minimum: 1
  • Maximum: 30

how do i generate - best kws for your agency - KD

You can then use the results to create a solid keyword plan and pick the best terms to target for your website.

how do i generate - best kws for your agency - low kd

Note: When KD scores are grayed out, it means the score is based on a cached entry.

how do i generate - best kws for your agency - gray kd

You can refresh the page to get an updated score.

If you need to see localized search terms, you can use Include to add your city or state.

how do i generate - best kws for your agency - chicago

If there are any keywords with the city or state you added, it will be included in your keyword list.

how do i generate - best kws for your agency - chicago results

Validating Your Keywords

You want to check your chosen keywords and see which 10 sites are currently ranking for those terms.

The SERP drop-down menu will show you their Ahrefs rank (AR), domain rating (DR), URL ranking (UR), and the number of backlinks.

how do i generate - validate your keywords - SERP

If these sites have a lower ranking than your own domain, it will be easier for you to outrank them.

how do i generate - validate your keywords - top 10 competitors

Refining Your Keywords

The keyword “SEO” is such a broad term. Many services can fall under that umbrella.

If your SEO agency specializes in a certain field, you can try to rank for that instead.

Try finding keyword variations for terms like “link building”, “technical SEO”, “private blog networks”, or whichever is applicable in your case.

Enter a more specific keyword in the Keyword Tool and reset your filters.

Let’s use “link building”.

Go over the results. Click on a keyword. In this example, we’ll select the term “link building services”.

Next, click Having Same Terms in the sidebar.

how do i generate - refining your keywords - having same terms

The results will display several keywords that are related to your main keyword.

For example, you want to optimize your site for “seo link building services.” Click on it and visit the “Having same terms” page on the sidebar.

how do i generate - refining your keywords - having same terms results

It shows you related keywords that you can use within the content of the page once you start optimizing for it.

This helps improve your page’s correlation with your target audience. It also keeps you from using the same keyword over and over again.

Checking Your Pages

Now, you’re ready to work on the SEO of your homepage.

Unfortunately, Ahrefs does not have its own on-page checker.

The good news is that there are other third-party tools that have this feature.

You can use whichever tool you want but I recommend using Surfer SEO.

Personally, it’s the most comprehensive on-page SEO in the market today.

SurferSEO can compare your domain against the top 40 results for your selected keyword.

It will then identify areas that need improvement so you can get your page to the top of the SERPs.

To do this, go to the site and enter the keyword you want to analyze. Let’s go with “seo link building services.”

Once the tool completes the report, click on it and you will see something like this:

how do i generate - checking your pages - surferseo

On the left side, you will see the different factors that you need to improve on. Right now, the Words box under Structure > Body is checked by default.

On the right side is the graph that shows the number of average words the first 10 results has, followed by the next batch, and so on.

You can toggle the graph and checking and unchecking the other boxes to visualize the report.

However, let’s get to the most important stuff by looking closer at the left sidebar.

how do i generate - checking your pages - surferseo structure

In this section, you will see factors you need to prioritize to help optimize your site better.

As seen above, all factors are very important with the exception of page height in px and partial keyword density.

What this means is that you don’t have to worry about tinkering your site’s page height or optimizing for partial keywords.

This helps you cut down your on-page optimization to the factors that matter.

And SurferSEO provides you with all the data you need for this!

For example, it shows you the missing common words and phrases that you need to include in your page:

how do i generate - checking your pages - surferseo common phrases

Try your best to include most of the keywords in this page so it compares favorably to the other pages ranking for your keyword.

As powerful as SurferSEO is an on-page SEO checker, it’s best to use it only as a basis for improving your page’s SEO.

At the end of the day, you need to trust your gut and make the best possible homepage for your SEO leads.

Of course, once you have everything in order, all that’s left to do is go out there and build your links. Link building is the secret sauce to increasing your rankings dramatically.

Taking all these steps should help you rank organically and get the attention of the right SEO clients.

Add Lead Generation Forms

As briefly expressed earlier, you need lead generation forms so potential customers can get in touch with you.

And even if interested parties are not ready to hire you outright, at the very least you’ll have their information so you can reach out in the future.


It’s not enough that you have a lead form on your website. Every detail you add improves your success rate exponentially.

Asking users to fill in too many fields can lead to mistakes. And labeling your fields incorrectly can lead to even more headaches.

While it’s not an SEO agency, what happened to Expedia should serve as a cautionary tale.

The company asked its users to fill in a lead form. Problem was, two fields were labeled Company and Address.

Since the fields were placed directly under the cardholder’s first and last name, their users assumed that Company and Address were referring to their bank.

The whole fiasco cost Expedia money. Users were unable to move forward with their transaction because their accounts can’t be verified.

After they realized their mistake and took corrective action, Expedia saw their sales rise by as much as $12 million dollars.


Are traditional lead generation forms enough?

The short answer is NO. Ordinary forms are no longer enough to answer your needs.

There are more ways to earn leads from site visits.

Today, there are dynamic forms that paved the way to increased conversions.

Webmasters now have the ability to place forms anywhere on a website and make them pop out whenever they think the time is right.

Some even gamify the process to make it interesting for their visitors.

add lead generation forms - spin to win

You can create custom forms that are more specific to your content. You can personalize them to fit your audience.

Below are a few ideas.

Live Chat

There’s a misconception that having a live chat feature means SEO agencies would need to set up a full-blown call center operation.

We’re here to tell that it is certainly not the case.

You can add live chat widgets on your landing pages so your visitors can leave a message.

And while you can’t possibly reply to everyone in real time, the important thing is that you respond to every query as soon as you are able.

Does Live Chat Work?

It’s easy to be skeptical especially if you haven’t tried the feature just yet.

But there are companies who would willingly vouch for its effectiveness.

Take Upswing for example.

The online tutoring marketplace needed a live chat feature to give its users answers as fast as possible.

Their old system took them fours hours on average to get back to customers. Now they’re able to reply in less than a minute.

In the case of Inaani, a VoIP service provider, adding a live chat feature led to a 10% increase in online leads. That’s on top of improving their engagement rate by 20%.

Clearly, there is merit to having live chat available for site visitors.

How to Add Live Chat

There are paid solutions in the market that can make live chat integration a pain-free process.

But let’s be real:

Not everyone will be able to afford it.

So let’s shift our attention to a free solution. lets their users install a live chat feature so they can engage with users whether on a computer or through an app.

To start, you will need to sign up for an account. Provide your name, email, and password. Next, follow the on-screen prompts.

add lead generation forms - how to add live chat - tawkto signup

The last step of the registration process would require you to add an HTML code on your website.

The code should be added just before the tag. You need to do this for every page on your domain.

add lead generation forms - how to add live chat - tawkto add html

WordPress users can install the plugin instead to make the process go smoother. The same goes for other popular content management systems (CMS).

add lead generation forms - how to add live chat - tawkto cms

Once added, you will be redirected to the main dashboard.

add lead generation forms - how to add live chat - tawkto dashboard

You can control your settings from the sidebar, including when you want to be online.

add lead generation forms - how to add live chat - tawkto sidebar

You can create teams for people who will be managing your accounts. You can also view all your active chats.

More importantly, here’s how the widget looks like:

add lead generation forms - how to add live chat - tawkto appearance

You can customize the appearance to match your brand. Over time, you can tweak its settings in an attempt to increase engagement.


Chatbots are similar to live chats with one key difference: chatbots can reply in real time.

It makes use of AI technology so there’s no need for anyone to be on the other end of the line to work.

With chatbots, you draft canned responses so chatbots can reply to any question sent their way.

This is a great way of getting SEO leads while you’re away from the business.

You’re also given control over what kind of replies are sent to your customers, unlike chat representatives who are prone to mistakes.

You control where the conversation goes.

Using chatbots, you can create workflows based on the services you offer. This will help ease your visitors into becoming one of your clients.

The Benefits of Chatbots

More and more companies are developing a taste for chatbots.


Because the numbers are amazing.

Did you know that links sent through a Messenger chatbot yield 15 to 60% click-through rate?

That’s incredible!

A cloud-based database program called MongoDB used chatbots to answer questions from site visitors. But thanks to AI, they were also able to push qualified guests to a sales call.

This puts their agents’ attention towards calls from leads who are not only interested but can actually convert into paying customers.

The chatbot helped MongoDB to increase their leads by 70%.

Not only that, new opportunities increased by 170% in just three months.

add lead generation forms - the benefits of chatbots - mongodb

If things continue moving towards this direction, chatbots could very well be the lead generation tool of the future.

How to Add a Chatbot

Adding a chatbot to your site is not as difficult as it may seem. There are different third-party providers who can provide this service for free.

One company worth mentioning is Tars. Pricing varies depending on the plan you select but they do offer a 14-day free trial.

After you register, you’ll find yourself in the main dashboard. Here you can create a new bot.

add lead generation forms - how to add a chatbot - create new bot

You’ll be given a chance to create a bot from scratch or choose one from their templates.

Note: Tars has a template that’s specific for lead generation.

add lead generation forms - how to add a chatbot - templates

The Preview window shows what the bot would look like from the user’s perspective.

add lead generation forms - how to add a chatbot - dominos

From there you can give your bot a name for easy reference. Then you can add gambits, a single back-and-forth conversation between a user and a chatbot.

The goal is to enter enough gambits to the point where conversations appear organic and visitors are provided with enough relevant information.

Tars provides all the resources needed so you can build your own bot from scratch.

Once you’re done, the chatbot can be added through HTML (just before tag).

SEO Widget

SEO widgets are arguably the best way to generate new leads for any SEO agency.

Not only do they capture a user’s name, email address, and URL. They also demonstrate your skills as an SEO.

An SEO widget works by asking visitors to enter a keyword and their domain. The widget would then analyze their pages based on different SEO factors.

It would then email a report with recommendations on how they can improve their SEO score.

By providing an SEO widget, you’re creating additional value for site visitors. A free, actionable report can make a real impact on their site.

add lead generation forms - seo widget - zadroweb

The only caveat about this method is that almost every single agency is using this as an incentive. The key to increased conversion using SEO widgets would be creativity and uniqueness.

There are several SEO audit tools you can add to your site. SEOptimer and SEOmator are just two examples.


MySiteAuditor is one of the better solutions out in the market today.

After you register and log in, you’re given a bunch of options to customize your audit tool including the size of the form and color scheme.

add lead generation forms - seo widget - mysiteauditor options

You can also set which fields are visible like name and phone number.

Note: An email address is required to get an audit.

You can also set an auto-reply message.

add lead generation forms - seo widget - mysiteauditor autoreply

Once you’re finished, simply copy your embed code to your site.

add lead generation forms - seo widget - mysiteauditor embed

Now, there are many ways you can embed the SEO widget on your site.

One of them is by using the large version of the widget to create a dedicated page for your visitors to get their free SEO audit.

add lead generation forms - seo widget - mysiteauditor full

You can even optimize the page with something like “free seo audit.”

There are other widget types you can try like a notification bar, slim, small, and page takeover (similar to a pop-up widget).

The good thing about the latter types is that you can embed them on any page of your site.

For example, you can embed the slim version on top of all your blog posts so people can see it first before reading your content.

Test out the different versions and see which among the types convert the best.

B2B Lead Generation

B2B lead generation is the latest in the leadgen technology.

This tool can gather data about your visitors and organize them based on different variables. You can then use this to reach out to potential leads and pitch them.

The perfect example would be LeadBerry, a software company that specializes in collecting leads.

It analyzes a visitor’s data and weeds out any useless data. That way, your focus is placed on the right prospects. It pulls data like contact, business, and social information.

You’re also able to see what pages they visited as well as details about how they found you.

LeadBerry works with Google Analytics to deliver its reports. So you will be required to connect your LeadBerry account to GA.

add lead generation forms - b2b lead generation - leadberry

Once that’s accomplished, you can now add a website to your properties.

The main dashboard contains all the collected leads while the sidebar lists all the accounts you connected to LeadBerry.

add lead generation forms - b2b lead generation - leadberry filter

Each lead entry tells you when the user last visited your site and how much time they spent. You can hide irrelevant leads or report ones that are there by mistake.

Filter the results to display specific users.

add lead generation forms - b2b lead generation - leadberry dashboard

You can specify the location of the user you want to target. If you need to add another parameter, click the plus icon to refine your search.

Selecting a lead will bring up even more useful data.

add lead generation forms - b2b lead generation - lead report

Not only do you see which company viewed your page, but it also shows what page was viewed. You’re also shown the names of potential leads from that company along with their contact information.

These are all vital information that help make converting these leads much easier!

Once you’re satisfied with the lead, you can add it to CRM.

You can export your leads and have LeadBerry send it to you via email.

add lead generation forms - b2b lead generation - leadberry export

You can choose which details to include in the exported data.

Find People Who Will Be Interested in Your Services

Outbound marketing is all about finding the right prospects to reach out to.

But that’s one tall order.

Sure, you can go around contacting every site and offering your services.

But the success rate for this kind of approach is low. Some would say slim to none.

What you really need is to find people who are actively searching for the kind of services you provide.

You can start by finding an industry where business owners are willing—and can afford to—pay your target income.

Clients need to not only pay you for your services but be able to afford to launch an actual SEO campaign.

After all, entrepreneurs who are barely breaking even would have a difficult time funding the campaign, right?

So you need to choose your industries wisely.

If the client’s niche is in law or dentistry, for example, then they will likely be able to sustain their lead generation efforts. These industries have a higher profit margin than those in the plumbing business.

Solopreneurs or startup companies are less likely to be able to do so.

Let’s try looking at one of the industries with the highest profit margin: Accounting.

Use Ahrefs to find related keywords that you could build landing pages around.

find people who will be interested in your services - accounting lead gen

Another way to find new leads is to extract contact information from people in your desired industry. You can even do this in bulk.

Once you determine which niche to focus on, find industry leaders and focus on them. Find as many of them as possible.

In this case, sending an email blast won’t be as ineffective since you’re carefully picking your target clients.

But how do you find those industry leaders we mentioned?

You can use a tool like FindThatLead.

Sign into your account and click on Start New List.

find people who will be interested in your services - findthatlead start new list

You’ll then be presented with filters you can use. Select Company Industry.

find people who will be interested in your services - criteria

Enter the industry you’re targeting and set a name for your list.

You will then be presented a list of potential candidates.

find people who will be interested in your services - search results

Select the leads you’re interested in (or select them all) and click Generate Emails.

Once FindThatLead has finished processing, you can export the leads as a CSV file or export them to Google Drive.

find people who will be interested in your services - export

Note: The tool can only export leads in batches. So you may need to re-do the export a couple of times to get the full list.

Also, FindThatLead won’t produce 100% accurate email addresses. However, it does identify the emails that are most likely correct.

That said, you need to download correct emails from FindThatLead.

When you click the Export data button, you will open another window that asks you which emails you want to download:

find people who will be interested in your services - findthatlead export correct emails

Choosing to download the correct email would narrow down your list.

If you want to broaden your list and don’t mind the risk of potentially high email bounce rate, then choose the second box before clicking either Export buttons.

Craft the Perfect Pitch

Next, you need to develop your initial pitch.

It will set the tone of your lead generation campaign.


You’re reaching out to people who know nothing about you.

And because they don’t know you, there’s less chance that these people would even bother opening up your email.

So focus on crafting a pitch that will encourage your prospects to open your email.

So… how do you create a pitch worth reading?

Here’s something that I’ve written that you can use for inspiration:

Subject: How much are you earning from {{Target Page}}

Hi {{First Name}},

I came across one of your landing page, which is probably one of the ways you make money online.

I think you earn even more from this page if it ranks higher on SERPs.

Right now, it sits on the {{SERP Position}} postion for the keyword “{{Target Keyword}}”.

To scale, here are your competitors that are faring much better than you for this keyword:


Your goal right now should be to rank higher than your competitors and increase your visibility on organic search.

And I think I know how we can do it.

Would you like to schedule a call with me to find out?

The purpose of the pitch is simple:

To help business owners increase the rankings of their landing pages on SERPs for their respective keywords.

So what makes this a good pitch?

The subject immediately sets the tone because you referred to their website.

In the body, you talk about how they can make more conversions and sales by ranking higher for their target keyword.

And at the end, the CTA is for them to schedule a call with you to discuss how you can help them.

Now, if you gathered leads using Leadberry, you can use the same template for them. However, tweak the intro into something like this:

Hi, {{first name}}!

I saw that you visited my site to read {{blog post}}. Good catch!

Since you peeked on my site, I decided to peek on yours!

As good as you site is, it’s not ranking very high for the keyword “{{keyword}},” which currently sits at {{position in SERPs}}.

And so on!

Next, let’s talk about the brackets.

There are five shown above:

  • Target Page – Page on their site ranking for their keyword
  • First Name – Name of the prospect
  • SERP Position – Position of the target page in SERPs
  • Target Keyword – the search phrase used on Google to find the target page
  • Blog Post – Post that users visited from your blog (you can see this if you used Leadberry or a similar B2B lead gen tool)

I’ll explain the brackets in depth later on. For now, they will help make launching your cold email camapign much easier and more convenient.

As mentioned, the template above is best used only to inspire you to come up with your own. You may use it, but it’s better if you can edit it and put your own touch on your campaign.

Organizing Your SEO Leads

Once you’ve written your pitch, you need to untangle the data you’ve uncovered and organizing them for your cold email campaign.

To do this, you need to create a sheet using the following columns:

  • Email
  • First Name
  • Target Page
  • Target Keyword
  • SERP Position
  • Competitors

For the email and first name, open the list you exported from FindThatLead and paste them on the sheet.

Now we’re going to search for each lead’s target keyword, SERP position, and top competitors.

To do this, we’ll use Ahrefs.

Enter the lead’s domain on Site Explorer.

craft the perfect pitch - my plumber

Next, click Top Pages.

craft the perfect pitch - click top pages

After the screen reloads, click the Keywords drop-down menu to display all the KWs the domain is ranking for.

craft the perfect pitch - top kws

Look for a non-branded keyword that captures the essence of what the domain is all about.

More importantly, choose pages that are outside the first page of SERP.

Looking at the example above, the page is within the first page for most of its keywords. So, you want to choose another page whose SERP position for its target keyword is at 11 and above.

This page looks like a good candidate:

organizing your seo leads - ahrefs top pages

With a SERP position and an organic search traffic value of $31 which is the second highest in the list, it’s a pretty good page to pitch to your lead.

Finally, we need to determine the page’s top competitors.

From the same page, click on the keyword to analyze the keyword.

On this page, scroll down to see the SERP overview section:

organizing your seo leads - serp overview

Basically, everybody that ranks for the keyword is your competition.

But you need to focus on the pages that are currently outranking your prospect’s site.

In this example, you have 14 pages ranking ahead of your SEO lead.

Obviously, you can’t list down all 14 pages in the sheet!

Therefore, you must use the data provided to you by Ahrefs to determine competitors that you can use as a barometer to your prospect’s site.

You can do this by looking at their DR, DA, and backlinks.

You then need to find competitors ranking above you that has a lower DR and/or DA and fewer backlinks than yours!

It’s probably because they’re going something right on those pages that they’re ranking higher.

Either way, the fact that they don’t have an established link profile makes them easy pickings for you!

From the SERP overview, positions 9-14 are potential primary competitors:

organizing your seo leads - da dr backlinks in ahrefs

Manually review the pages too to ensure that they are pages that you can outrank once you start optimizing the page of your lead.

Select up to three competitors.

Finally, fill out your spreadsheet with all the data you’ve gathered.

Now do this for all the leads in your list.

If you feel like you don’t have the time to do this, you can always hire a virtual assistant to help you out.

Launch Your Campaign

Once your list is complete, we’ll use another tool to launch a campaign.

This time we’re using Lemlist, an email automation software that sends cold emails to a long list of users.

Once you’re on the site, you can start creating your campaign.

craft the perfect pitch - lemlist start campaign

You will need to upload your spreadsheet so Lemlist can add it to its database.

craft the perfect pitch - lemlist upload csv

Follow the set of on-screen instructions. Later in the process, you’ll be given an opportunity to compose your email.

craft the perfect pitch - email template

You can use the email sample we used earlier or create one of your own.launch your campaign - email template

Now, regarding the double brackets:

When launching your campaign, the tool will pull out data from your uploaded sheet to fill out these brackets.

Each row in your sheet is equivalent to an email sent from the tool.

So here’s the beauty of using Lemlist or any other cold email tool:

You don’t have to fill out a template and send them manually from your email client!

Instead of you or your VA doing this for hours, Lemlist will automate the process so you can save time and effort!

Also, there’s a very good reason why I used Lemlist as an example of a cold email tool.

Unlike others, you can embed custom images with their details in it!

Instead of the usual boring text, you can breathe new life to acquiring SEO leads from your cold email campaign by adding images in them!

Choose from many templates that you can edit to add double brackets and include any information you want to appear here.

launch your campaign - lemlist images

In this case, I would like to add a meme image to make things interesting…

launch your campaign - lemlist image creator

After editing the image and the email template, the email should look similar to this:

launch your campaign - email template with image

Next, you need to properly set up the brackets to show the actual value in your sheet.

To do this, you need to choose the timezones when the emails will be sent.

After which, you need to review the email that the tool will send to your prospects.

Right now, here’s how the email would look like:

launch your campaign - email template review

The first name and the target page isn’t appearing where they’re supposed to appear.

To fix this, double-check and see if the column name of the sheet and the double brackets are the same. If not, edit them until they appear correctly in the review.

Final Words

You will need to combine the best inbound and outbound marketing tactics to generate the best leads.

It’s a game of continuous experimentation and improving upon the last test.

You can expect a slow start but things will improve the more experienced you become. You should be able to see more leads as you check your analytics and improve on its weaknesses.

Most of the tools mentioned here have built-in analytics that can help you assess whether your campaign is working or not.

Lemlist, for example, will tell you how many people have opened, clicked, and replied to your emails. You’ll also see how many people opted out.

craft the perfect pitch - lemlist analytics

If an email isn’t working, it’s your job to tweak your emails so they are more effective next time. Or maybe send them at a different time.

Google Analytics also has numbers that can help improve your landing pages. It can even show where users are clicking the most through its Heat Map feature.

craft the perfect pitch - heat map

Follow our simple guide and you’ll be able to collect more SEO leads in no time.

It will definitely get you hundreds of SEO leads per month.

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